Namak Issk Ka 16 March 2021 Episode Written Update (16/03/2021)

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Namak Issk Ka 16th Mar 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Namak Issk Ka 16 March 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rupa decides not to abort her child.

Air Date: 16 March 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 16/03/2021 Episode Start with I needed to change a little as you were sitting behind. Yug says however I don’t cherish you. Kahani comes nearer and says it’s alright in the event that you don’t cherish me yet I expanded your pulse so it’s a sentiment. The bicycle proprietor comes there with the police. He says this lady is a criminal, capture her. Yug says she isn’t a criminal, she is my significant other so I will pay for the misfortunes. Kahani grins as he calls her his significant other. The overseer says we need to capture her for taking the bicycle. Kahani says my significant other doesn’t sentiment with me so I needed to take the bicycle. The bicycle proprietor says this is a romantic tale so I will excuse her, he says their adoration is dingy. He requests that they grin so he can snap their picture. Kahani makes Yug grin strongly. Ravi’s vehicle is cruising by, he sees them and thinks I am unfortunate to not get my little girl however I trust Yug gets Kahani.

Saroj asks where is Yug? Ronak says Yug should wander around with that artist. Yug and Kahani come there. Kahani says a couple meander around with one another. Dadi asks where did they go? Kahani says we just went to purchase the telephone. Saroj says who gave you the cash? Yug? Yug figures Kahani shouldn’t say yes else it will open another pandora box. Kahani says no, I had some cash saved. Kahani discloses to Iravati that I don’t have cash to purchase another telephone nor do I have persistence so assuming you break my telephone once more, I will break everybody’s telephone. Iravati says I needed to break your telephone. Ronak requests that Kahani leave and let them eat. Yug sits to eat yet Kahani says we will eat together, I am your significant other so you will eat with me. Gunjan says he will eat here as it were. Yug says enough, I am a human so you both can’t separate me like this. Allow me to eat with my family. Yug sits to eat however Kahani removes food from him and says I will not leave my privileges so you can eat half here and afterward you can come to eat with me. I won’t eat without you. Rani comes there and says they have sent the wheelchair uncle some place. Kahani asks where is Ravi? Yug says you don’t need to stress, leave. Kahani leaves from that point. Yug asks where is Ravi? Gunjan says he is fine, I will not disclose to you where he is as then Kahani will discover by one way or another from you. She requests that he eat however Yug says it’s fine, if the harmony will come in this house by me eating in her kitchen then I will eat there.

Rupa carries Ravi to the farmhouse. She says I can’t conflict with Iravati, assuming you were not seen with Kahani, you wouldn’t be here. She advises the worker Hari to deal with Ravi, he can’t leave from here and no one can come here. Rupa says bye and leaves. Ravi figures Iravati can confine me yet she can’t stop reality, I will reveal to Kahani that I am her dad.

Kahani says I don’t have the foggiest idea where Ravi is, he is my last expectation so I will discover him at any expense.

Rupa goes to the center and meets the specialist. Rupa says I need to complete an early termination. The specialist asks the explanation. Rupa says I am not prepared for this infant. She reviews Ronak’s merciless words, how he said he adores Kahani and not her, she thinks Kahani is the explanation of each torment for me. The specialist asks her name, Rupa is in musings and says Kahani. The specialist requests that she sign the structure. Rupa signs the structure as Kahani. The attendant takes her to OT.

Kahani cooks on the mud oven and offers food to Yug. Rani says we deal with you so much and you can’t get a frozen yogurt for Kahani? Kahani says frozen yogurt will soften with his resentment. Iravati and Gunjan come there and frown at Kahani. Yug hacks so Kahani races to him and gives him water. She inquires as to whether he is fine? He gestures. Iravati says this is crossing limits. Saroj says Yug is doing this for house harmony, let Yug come and we will converse with him.

Rupa gets in the OT and reviews how Harsh said he had many toys yet he needs a sister. Rupa contacts her paunch and gets enthusiastic. The medical caretaker requests that she get in the OT however Rupa leaves from that point. The specialist says she left? Her name was pretty, Kahani.

Kahani is dozing and dreams about Yug. She awakens and grins. Kahani says I feel Yug is proud however I like him a great deal now and again, similar to a ton. She becomes flushed and gets Yug’s call. She accepts the call and says Yug? He says I am calling so it’s me just, I am holding up external the house so bounce the window as no one can see her leaving from the entryway and come here. You have 5 minutes to come here else I will rest. He closes the call. Rani advises Kahani to go in her rest. Kahani grins and leaves.

Kahani goes to the nursery where Yug is. She says for what reason did you call me here? Yug says to take care of your obligation of frozen yogurt. He shows her the frozen yogurt slow down. Kahani is astounded and says this is for me? Yug says it’s for me so your kin can’t insult me any longer. Kahani says I am confounded as why you could mind? What’s the matter that you are bringing me frozen yogurt? Yug says when I was youthful, I used to be frightened of the rides so I would hold my dad and it wouldn’t make me terrified however then my dad left me and I lost my adolescence yet when I sat on the bike today, I got terrified that way, I didn’t have my dad yet I had you today. Kahani grins. Yug says when I held you today, I felt as though I held my dad, the dad who used to adore me a ton, not the person who left us for an artist. He gets enthusiastic and says I need to rest now. He says do reveal to Rani that I gave you the frozen yogurt, I do mind what your kin say. He leaves from that point. Kahani grins at him.

Yug sees his frozen yogurt and says Kahani has changed a great deal in this house. I’m eating a frozen yogurt at 2 AM toward the beginning of the day on account of her.

Kahani brings the frozen yogurt to bhole nath and says Yug resembles a riddle. He detests me however then he battles his family for me, he is selfish yet he is pleasant, he doesn’t let me be. Kahani says he is making me grin in an alternate manner nowadays, he is making my heart dissolve.

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