Namak Issk Ka 11 June 2021 Episode Written Update (11/06/2021)

Namak Issk Ka TV Show Written Updates

Namak Issk Ka 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Namak Issk Ka 11 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Will Yug and Gunjan marry today?

Air Date: 11 June 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 11/06/2021 Episode Start with Rupa thinks this family is playing a game with them, they should end it before it’s past the point of no return. Kahani gets married yet Yug stops her and requests that she tie it firmly. Kahani cries and says fine. She integrates their curtains and moves back. Yug requests that the minister start pheras. Kahani figures I can’t see him happen to another person, kindly stop. Yug figures I will stop on the off chance that she discloses to me I am hers, her affection is my life so don’t compel me to commit suicide. Yug begins taking pheras with Gunjan while taking a gander at Kahani. Kahani turns away. Yug says I disclosed to you that I will wed before you so look here. Kahani says this isn’t a marriage however your willfulness and personality. I have seen the self image of numerous individuals so I would prefer not to oblige your personality. Kahani thinks he is doing this show for me so on the off chance that I don’t look, this dramatization will not occur. Kahani gets her attorney’s call, he says I can’t hear you. The minister requests that Yug complete his pheras. Yug says I will not finish pheras without Kahani taking a gander at me. The attorney requests that Kahani come and meet him, he is close to the lake. Kahani says I can’t come at this moment, she closes the call. Ronak has put a weapon on the attorney and says call her once more, bring her here else you will bite the dust today.

The minister requests that Yug complete pheras. Yug asks Kahani for what valid reason she is standing a remote place? Kahani says you ought to be near the person who you are wedding. Yug says spouses are getting their husbands remarried nowadays. Gunjan murmurs to Yug that we should keep on driving her more, how about we take one more pheras. Yug and Gunjan proceed their pheras. Kahani gets the call once more, he says I realize your significant other is getting hitched so I need to discuss that as it were. You will be stunned to understand what I need to advise you so if it’s not too much trouble, come and meet me. Kahani says alright I am coming. She closes the call and unfortunately takes a gander at Yug. She turns away. Yug says assuming she can’t see me get hitched, she can take the case back. Kahani leaves from that point. Yug looks on. Saroj requests that Yug complete the pheras. Yug says all of you know why we are doing this so we need to stand by till Kahani returns.

Scene 2

Kahani goes to the legal counselor and says we need to bring this fact out to everybody. Accompany me. Kahani goes with him. Ronak stows away and takes a gander at them. The legal advisor carries Kahani to the media. She says what is this? The attorney requests that Kahani mention to them what’s happening in the house. Kahani says I would prefer not to say anything. The journalist inquires as to whether her family is compressing her to take the case back? Kahani says I would prefer not to say anything, let me go. The journalist says your attorney called us so you need to reply.

The minister reveals to Yug that time is cruising by, take pheras. Yug says I will not move till Kahani returns. Saroj says I will proceed to discover her. Iravati thinks just Saroj, Ronak and I realize that we have caught Kahani, she will not return soon.

The journalists continue to bug Kahani and asks what is happening in the house? Would we be able to head inside? The attorney inquires as to why she is saving Yug? Kahani says this is my own matter. The legal advisor says you have associated with court so I will choose what data to give. He tells the columnists that Yug is wedding another person to compress Kahani to take the case back. Yug’s dad left his family to flee with another person. Ravi did likewise with Kahani’s mom. Today Yug is wedding another person as well while hitched to Kahani, they are largely modest individuals. Their family name is celebrated yet they are characterless, particularly Mr. Yug. Kahani blows up and slaps him. She says don’t let out the slightest peep against my significant other. The columnist says we need to ask you then, at that point. Kahani says ask me.

Saroj returns to Yug and says don’t have a clue where Kahani went. Yug says this marriage will not occur till Kahani returns. Ronak says she may be concealing intentionally so this wedding doesn’t occur. Saroj says imagine a scenario where that is reality. Rupa goes to God to save their relationship. Ronak gets a call and says on TV? He closes the call and says Kahani is giving a meeting on TV. He turns it on. The journalist inquires as to whether her charge against Ravi Kant is valid? She says indeed, Ravi is my dad and he left my mom to wed another lady. Dadi says this young lady is annihilating our family, she won’t take the case back. The correspondent inquires as to whether she needs to coerce cash from Ravi? Kahani says I simply need equity for my mom and I won’t ever take the case back in any condition. Ronak says what will Yug do now? The columnist inquires as to whether she needs to pick among equity and her better half then whom will she pick? The columnists say all ladies are admiring her now. Kahani says my decision will be equity. Yug is harmed to hear that.

Kahani says equity is over all connections. Saroj says what sort of a young lady right? I battled with everybody to be her ally, I acknowledged her as my little girl in law, she didn’t need a major family so I consented to isolate the family however this young lady is prepared to obliterate all connections. Iravati says I might have beseeched her and do all that she needs however she needs to ridicule us on the planet. Ronak says it’s her arrangement, she needs to turn into a pioneer for ladies. She is doing dramatization to stand out enough to be noticed, she arranged this as she probably was aware we as a whole would be occupied with the wedding. Saroj says she remained here for such countless days yet she doesn’t have any delicate corner for us. Individuals will ridicule us now. Saroj begins getting calls and says individuals will affront me now. She accepts the call. The lady says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about your child would resemble your dad as well, truly miserable to hear that. Yug is furious hearing that. Saroj closes the call and says everybody will insult us now. This young lady might have taken cash however she removed our regard. Kahani tells the correspondent that adoration doesn’t mean I will acknowledge shamefulness from my better half.

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