Namak Issk Ka 1 June 2021 Episode Written Update (01/06/2021)

Namak Issk Ka TV Show Written Updates

Namak Issk Ka 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Namak Issk Ka 1 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ravi Confesses Everything

Air Date: 1 June 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 1/06/2021 Episode Start with Kahani tells she is his significant other not old furniture that he will toss her out of the house. Yug tells he will eliminate Kahani’s sindoor and send her out of the house. Iravati utilizes her force and Yug gets angry. Iravati thinks whoever ate kheer will not have the option to stop Yug today. Iravati utilizes her forces and Yug breaks a bloom container to assault Kahani. Ravikant stuns everybody by advising Yug to stop. Everybody is staggered taking a gander at Ravikant.

Ravikant ventures up gradually from his wheelchair. Iravati is stunned taking a gander at him while every other person is happy to see him fine. Ravikant tumbles down. Rupa tells at long last you talked. Ravikant tells he is fine and he needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance and yells at everybody to avoid him. Ravikant discloses to you individuals couldn’t deal with this house what will you help me. Juhi reveals to Ravikant this is a direct result of Kahani. Ravikant asks Saroj how could you change? He asks Saroj did you fail to remember how we arranged structure this house together?

Ravikant tells when heart break it is of no utilization so you might have told Kahani. Kahani advises sorry to Ravikant and says Iravati added such an excess of toxic substance that she was unable to comprehend what to do. Ravikant advises Kahani to comprehend that now Iravati will do nothing. Yug tells she will not comprehend. Ravikant tells he saw everybody’s fact in the house and reveals to all of you have harmed Kahani. Ravikant chastens Yug and advises him to apologize to Kahani.

Ravikant advises Yug to put the baggage inside. Kahani tells she will not alter her perspective. Ravikant reveals to Kahani her choice will change after he chats with her however first he will converse with Iravati. Yug affronts Kahani. Ravikant slaps Yug and chasten him for offending his affection. Iravati and Gunjan question Ravikant about Kahani. Kahani reveals to Ravikant thinks about her folks. Yug educates Ravikant to advise her concerning Kahani’s folks and allowed Yug to satisfy his guarantee.

Ravikant advises on the off chance that all of you need tune in to Kahani’s dad’s name. He discloses to Kahani’s dad is Ravikant Verma. Iravati figures how could Kahani be Ravikant’s daughter,when she pushed the vehicle herself. Kahani advises not to have feel sorry for on her and come clean. Ravikant comes clean with he is telling he is her dad. Gunjan reveals to Ravikant you don’t need to mislead save Kahani.

Ravikant tells he is the most sad dad that nobody is accepting that he is her dad. Kahani asks Ravikant where is her mom? Ravikant advises he attempted to discover her however he was unable to discover her. Iravati tells meeting Kahani’s mom was your first error and now you are not even embarrassed to call her your little girl before everybody.

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