Namah 21st Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (21/1/2020)


Namah 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Namah 21 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

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Air Date: 21 January 2020

Full Written Update: Namah 21/1/2020 Episode Start with Samudradev orders gatekeepers to pick Narayan’s golden calf and discard it. Sri argues him not to do that. Samudradev says Laxmi is correct, she abused given opportunity, consequently she will be watched and can’t leave her room.

Sri’s mom supports her and asks not to stress as it was only a symbol. Sri says she is feeling torment as though she is particularly connected to it. Mahadev exhaust seeing that and discloses to Parvathi that he needs to dry sea and rebuff Samudradev and rejoin Narayan and Laxmi. Parvathi says they will rejoin according to their destiny and he need not stress. Sri reveals to Laxmi she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is in her destiny. Laxmi exhaust that she has seen that consistently Bali and Shukracharya bring present for Sri, however she is senior sister and merits those blessings, yet father is constantly hard on her and chides her consistently. Sri says its alright as father consistently thinks about their improvement.

Laxmi says father spoilt her difficult work and discarded her object of worship, is she not irate on him. Sri says she will make icon again and seeing shank races to pick it while Laxmi attempts to stop her and goes to advise father. Mahadev sees that and gets glad. Devi Parvathi sees blossoms in Kailash and says looks like Devi Laxmi will be here soon. The two of them celebrate thinking it is the ideal opportunity for Narayan and Laxmi to rejoin. Narayan in Vaikunta unfortunately encourages fishes and seeing them not eating asks reason. Devi Parvathi strolls in calling him sibling and says she came to welcome him for Kailash utsav/celebration.

Narayan says he is extremely worn out and can’t visit. Devi Parvathi persuades him with her words. He consents to visit and afterward gets dismal once more. Devi Parvathi figures she performed her responsibility and now it is destiny’s obligation to rejoin Narayan and devi Lakshmi. Narayan comes to Kailash. Mahadev and Parvathi welcome him and play out his aarti followed by Brahmadev and Saraswati and different divine beings. Devi Lakshmi follows shank and picks it in her grasp. It vanishes and she gets strained and acknowledges she has gone to an obscure spot and should return before father blows up. She hears divine beings reciting Srimannarayan and follows the voice. Laxmi illuminates father Samudradev about Sri going behind shank. Samudradev blows up and chides her for not halting Sri.

Laxmi asks what is her deficiency if Sri didn’t hear her out. Shukracharya with Bali enters and says Laxmi is correct, it is neither Laxmi nor Sri’s shortcoming, it is Narayan’s stunt. Bali says he will ensure Sri doesn’t meet Narayan. Sri says it is such a delightful name, Narayan. Narayan hears her. Parvati trusts there shouldn’t be any obstacle between 2 darlings now. Bali makes a labyrinth around Sri and says he won’t let her meet cheat Narayan. Sri attempts to discover way and hearing Narayan’s bhajan and thinks she wants to tail it visiting Narayan. She drones Narayan. Butterflies fly to her and give her way towards Narayan. Narayan attempts to leave utsav. Mahadev stops him and says utsav is still on and he ought not leave.

Narayan says he is glad to see their friendliness, however he needs to go. Parvathi says on the off chance that he leaves, his followers will get injured, so he should remain for them. Narayan concurs. Sri escapes labyrinth and thanks butterflies. Shukracharya says Sri crossed labyrinth obstacle and Bali should build his endeavors. Bali makes lake with crocodiles in Sri’s manner. Sri thinks how did this lake come. Samudradev inquires as to whether nothing will happen to his little girl. Bali says it is an enchantment and Sri won’t cross it in dread. Sri sees crocodiles in water.

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