Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (7/2/2020)

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Written Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pinky Returns To Gagan’s House

Air Date: 7 February 2020

Full Written Update: Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 7/2/2020 Episode Start with Sarthak taking the blossom petals in his grasp and tosses on vehicle. He picks the pooch’s potty which is with petals and tosses on the vehicle. He at that point acknowledges and checks his hand. Asha tells that it is potty. Slam asks what is this trouble making? Sarthak says he didn’t do anything. Nandu chuckles. Sarthak blows up to slap her, however Arjun holds his hand and holds his neck. He asks Poonam to take Nandu to class. Sarthak solicits how could you turn out from lock up. Arjun tells that he was in lock up and was not in prison and besides asks him not to contact his girl.

Smash requests that driver drive the vehicle. Sarthak says Tau ji stops me generally and I get offended. Smash requests that Driver drive the vehicle. Laxman asks Amma for what good reason is she crying and inquires as to whether her family left her on street. He inquires as to whether she don’t wash up and calls her behenji. Asha blows up and says she will ask Sarthak to toss blocks on him one day. Laxman asks Arjun to give his tissue which was left in his vehicle the previous evening. Smash looks on. Amma tells that Asha is correct, Laxman overlooks things and takes him inside.

Smash gets dicey. Nandu is representing her school transport and crying. Pinky requests that driver stop the vehicle and gets down. Nandu informs her concerning Sarthak ruining her task and tells that in the event that her mom would have been there, at that point she would have prepared her venture. Her school transport comes. Nandu sits in the transport. Pinky gets in the transport and requests that her driver take her stuff to Gagan’s home. She reveals to Nandu that Maa isn’t there, yet Maasi is. She tells transport driver that she will go till Nandu’s school. She requests that Nandu give her task and tells that Ananya had shown her how to do weaving.

Arjun’s dad discloses to him that they will change the house, 2 years have passed. Arjun requests that he have upma and tells that he has taken numerous difficulties in these 2 years. He says he feels like Ananya is taking a gander at him and says her recollections were excellent, let me remain with her. Her dad says I see, yet I believe that you will remarry. Pinky shows how is she making weaving. Appa asks Arjun to get hitched and proceeded onward. Nandu asks transport driver to go out. Driver says alright. Educator approaches the children to sing for Pinky’s bidaai.

Pinky says it appears I need to sing. Nandu sings tune yaad humko karte tum aate rehna… . Pinky gets down at Gagan’s home and waves bye to Nandu. She goes to Gagan’s home. Guard asks who right? She says she is Gagan’s significant other. Guard says I will ask and asks do you need seat. He considers Gagan’s mom and tells that bahurani came. Gagan’s mom requests that he request that her pause. Her driver comes and keeps the stuff there, says he needs to go as sahib requests that he return at the soonest. Pinky hears neighbors provoking her and tells the brightening hound kept outside that their predetermination is same. She says she is neither of Mayka nor of Sasural. She feels tired staying there.

Laxman feels stomach torment and is going to washroom, when Ram stops him and asks how Ram Arjun turned out? Laxman says let him go as impact will occur. Smash doesn’t release him. Amma signs Laxman not to say. Laxman says he don’t recall and hurries to the restroom. Amma acknowledges Laxman for not telling Ram. Later Ram calls him and asks how Arjun turned out. Laxman tells everything that Amma, pinky and him had gone in night to get him liberated by the police. Smash blows up.

Gagan comes to Pinky and calls her. He inquires as to why you didn’t accompany me the previous evening. Pinky says Megha ji is delightful to such an extent that I thought you love him. Gagan tells that he cherishes her heart and tells that she is the most excellent young lady of the world. He whirls her and takes her inside. It ends up being her fantasy.

Gagan’s mom and Bua turn out and requests that Pinky come. They request that Pinky leave her hand impact on the material and holds it on the divider. Pinky leaves her hand impact on the divider. At that point they request that her leave her footwear and get inside. She gets some information about Gagan. Gagan is with Megha in the room. Megha inquires as to whether he loved her amazement. Megha requests that he recover his stairs cleared as she will originate from that side.

Gagan’s mom solicits him to leave her inner self from Brahmin samajh head outside, and says in the event that you remain as bahu, at that point just can remain else you can’t. pinky gestures her head with a grin all over. She enters inside. They all go leaving Pinky in lobby. Gagan’s sibling thumps on his entryway and requests that he come, says Pinky bhabhi came. Megha and Gagan hear him. Megha advises that she needs to leave and asks Gagan to find a good pace. Gagan finds a workable pace sentimental. He blows up on Megha for attempting to break his marriage.

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