Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (24/2/2020)

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story Written Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pinky Exposes Gagan’s Truth Before Ram

Air Date: 24 February 2020

Full Written Update: Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24/2/2020 Episode Start with

Pinky telling Ram that they shall be with Gagan now to boost his courage and to make him feel good. She says Gagan ji must be worried. Gagan reaches there and asks Megha what is all this? Why did she threaten to slit her nerves and wanting to trap her. He asks what is this way? Ram asks Pinky if the way is right to the hospital. Pinky says it is showing this on the map. She sees Gagan’s car outside Megha’s house and shows to Ram.

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Jagdish says I will call Gagan. Lakshman gets down from the car and asks watchman if he saw Gagan. Watchman says Gagan comes to meet Megha often. They get down and is going inside the house. Megha forces herself on Gagan. Gagan asks her to leave him. Megha says if you leave me today then I will get mad. She asks him not to leave her. Gagan hugs her. Just then Ram, Jagdish, Pinky and Lakshman come there and see their hug. Gagan breaks the hug and tells that this is not true. He says I lied to you, but if I had not come then she would have committed suicide. She had threatened to commit suicide on message. Ram slaps him and says you said enough and I heard enough. He asks Pinky to come and holds her hands and they leave. Gagan gets angry. Pinky looks at Arjun from Ram’s car and smiles. Arjun also smiles.

Amma tells Nalini that don’t know in which mahurat, Pinky got married to that devil. Ram, Pinky and Jagdish come home. They ask if everything is fine. Ram says yes. Lakshman says Gagan was in his wife’s embrace. Asha says Pinky is his wife. Lakshman says then he was hugging some other woman. Gita says this is not possible. Ram says he don’t want to talk, he will talk tomorrow. Gita, Jagdish and his sister leave. Pinky gets emotional. Papa ki betiyan plays…amma smiles. Asha taunts Amma. Amma asks her to go to room and sleep.

Arjun smiles thinking about Pinky. Nandu comes there. Arjun talks to her about Pinky and says she keeps on smiling although she has so much problems in her life. Nandu says I like this thing about her. Nalini thinks nobody is asking her what she thinks. Pinky says if I don’t understand then this book understands. She reads about mothers, who wants to feed her children on time and want to get their kids married at the right time. She says mothers are golu mulu and cute, look good with bindi etc and tells that they spent their life around kids and husband.

Nalini asks where it is written? She checks the magazine and says you have added your own words. Pinky is positive and tells that good will happen. She tells that her life is like file in govt office, which will be there itself. She asks if I can’t add my dream in my life, if my identity will not be made on my own. She asks if I shall live my life like you, in a compromise. Nalini says I care for you and your Papa. She asks if your Papa will be happy after your marriage breaks? Pinky says even I am tensed about this. She goes to Ram’s room and finds him sleeping on the rocking chair. She takes book from his hand and covers him with a shawl. She looks at him and says thank you Papa for supporting me. I know that I am a big responsibility on you and have been pain. She says if I was on your place, I would have thought the same. She says like you says, I will do something big and you will talk about me, keeping your head high. She says this is my promise…title song plays…….After she leaves, Ram opens his eyes and looks on.

Nandu gives a card to Arjun and says Pinky Maasi gave. She asks him to make her sleep. Arjun makes her sleep. He reads the card and the message written by Pinky. He goes to terrace. Pinky signs him thumps up. He shows the car and smiles. He signs that he is going to sleep and shows hi five. Pinky also signs the same.

Pinky thanks the God and tells that even Papa is understanding her. She says she will give tea to Papa. She takes tea from Nalini and goes to Ram’s room. She couldn’t find him in his room. She thinks where did Papa go early morning?

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25 February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap.

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