Naagin Season 5 26 December 2020 Episode Written Update (26/12/2020)

Naagin Season 5 Written Update

Naagin Season 5 26th Dec 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Naagin Season 5 26 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bani’s Big Sacrifice To Bring Veer Back From Moon

Air Date: 26 December 2020

Full Written Update: Naagin Season 5 26/12/2020 Episode Start with Bani consents to lose her vision to utilize that flight of stairs. She says she can do anything for Veer and continues strolling and says regardless of what challenges she needs to confront she will contact him without a doubt. In moon Priest advises to call lady and lucky man. Chandni and Veer comes there.

Veer advises Priest to begin saying mantras since this marriage ought not stop. Bani slips and yells for help. Veer feels something bizarre. Chandni advises him to sit adjacent to her and says starting now and into the foreseeable future they will do together everything. Bani arrives at moon by one way or another and tumbles down and takes Veer’s name. Chandi hears Bani voice and understands that it’s adi naagin’s voice and considers how she arrived at moon. She advises Priest to do pooja with Veer and leaves from that point saying she will be back soon. She goes to Bani and understands that she can’t see. Bani gets some information about Veer.

Chandni says they are not outsiders and says Veer wedding her. Bani blows up and inquires as to why she is yakking and says his marriage previously occurred with her and says he is her significant other. Chandni says he will end up being hers today. Bani cautions her to not talk this way and asks didn’t she heard that she is his significant other. Chandni says his marriage occurred in earth so it doesn’t has any an incentive in moon. She attempts to cause her envious saying To veer hit the dance floor with her additionally he is so glad to wed her. Bani will not trust her.

Chandni says in the event that she will have a hard time believing her, at that point she will show her at that point derides her colloquialism she failed to remember that Bani can’t see and requests that what do now. Bani requests that she return her significant other to her. Chandni says Bani’s better half isn’t here and the person who will wed her will be her sweetheart. She was going to go from that point saying Veer hanging tight for her in marriage mandap. Bani stops her maxim she ought not grab somebody like this.

Chandni says love is visually impaired and says she has solidarity to grab all that she needs and pushes Bani. Bani lands in her home. Meera and Ritu stuns seeing her. Meera encourages Bani to stand. Bani says she can see now. Ritu asks from where she is coming this way and gets stressed for her. Bani says she is fine. Meera sends Ritu from that point so she can converse with Bani alone. Bani says she went to moon and educates her about Veer’s marriage. Tappish educates his family that Veer is in moon.

Balwant chides Daksh for not halting Veer and says now he needs to bring his child. Meera asks Bani that for what valid reason didn’t she stop Veer. Bani answers saying she needed to stop him however she tumbles down and cries. Meera comforts her. Jay catches their discussion. Chandi discloses to Veer that she addressed the issue and sits adjacent to him. Veer gets up and says he can’t wed without his family. Chandi says not every person can remain in moon. He says it’s his desire. She shows his family to him utilizing her capacity. Veer discloses to Balwant that he is wedding Chandni today. Jay discloses to Bani that she ought to likewise wed now in the event that she needs Veer, at that point.

Bani says she is prepared to successfully get Veer back however how might she wed. He says Veer is extremely possessive about her so on the off chance that he becomes acquainted with that she is wedding another person, at that point he will go to her without a doubt. Meera says this thought will work. He says he is prepared assistance her with counterfeit marriage. Taapish enlightens Bani regarding Veer. Bani advises him about her marriage and expresses gratitude toward Jay for causing her. Balwant advises Veer to defer the marriage however Veer says he can’t do that. Tappish educates Veer about Jay and Bani’s marriage. He says in the event that Veer can proceed onward in his life, at that point Bani additionally has the privileges to proceed onward in her life.

Balwant gets cheerful hearing him and says he is glad for Veer’s choice in light of the fact that at long last he can dispose of Bani. Bani communicates her mistake to Meera and says despite the fact that it’s a phony marriage she isn’t getting a kick out of the chance to do this yet she doesn’t have some other decision and cries saying incorrectly occurred with her. Balwant expresses gratitude toward Bani for doing this phony union with save Veer in light of the fact that he definitely realizes that Chandni is risky. Taapish guarantees her idiom that Veer will stop this marriage. Veer takes a gander at Bani. Minister gets some information about man of the hour. Veer tauntingly says seems like man of the hour flee.

Chandni advises him to focus on their marriage. Jay comes there and says he is here just it’s Veer who fled from here. Ritu asks Meera that what’s going on here. Meera says she will clarify her later. Veer says his marriage ought to happen first. Jay advises Priest to not miss any mantras. Veer insults Bani saying he is wedding his beloved dislike her. Bani and Jay trades laurels. Jay prods Veer. Balwant understands that Maarkat is behind everything and defies her.

Maarkat snickers at Balwant saying he can’t save Veer now. Balwant says he won’t leave her Bani and Jay represents pheres.

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