Naagin 4 8th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (8/3/2020)

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Naagin 4 8th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Naagin 4 8 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vish In Dev’s Avatar Kills Manyata, Brinda Becomes Revengeful

Air Date: 8 March 2020

Full Written Update: Naagin 4 8/3/2020 Episode Start with Manyata calling Brinda and tells that she has escaped from their detainment. Brinda says so who was in the natural hollow. Manyata says she thinks nothing about the natural hollow and tells this is all occurrence for naagmani. They will get a significant total in the wake of selling naagmani. She asks her not to come closer to her and says that individual is having surya chaabi. Brinda gets some data about whom? She asks where right? Manyata says she is close Keneri Mountain Jungle. Brinda says I will come there and demands that her concealment there. Manyata requests her not to go infront from Vish and tells that she is her most noteworthy foe, anyway Brinda doesn’t hear her and the call gets wrapped up. She considers Dev and audits Dev prompting that he is going to make arrangements of money. Brinda thinks she is sold out huge and thinks to give out reprisals with Dev first. Dev meets a theorist in his office.

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Vish and Mundika follow Manyata. Vish tells that Brinda and Manyata are fools. She asks Mundika to move hairs from her face and tells that I understand that your powers decreases due to sun bars, but at this point she needs to deceive Manyata. Mundika moves hair from her face. Vish feels horrendous seeing her. She demands that her bonehead Manyata. Manyata tries calling brinda, yet her phone is off. Vish isolates into two and her other half takes Dev’s image. She demands that he do as she says after she signs him. fake Dev signs her yes. Brinda comes to Keneri mountain wild and gets human. She thinks where is Maa? Mundika comes infront of her as a human and signs about Manyata. She closes her eyes and instructs her concerning Manyata. Vish signs fake Dev. Fake Dev goes to manyata and gets her. Manyata sees her and calls Dev. She says you can’t be Dev.

Vish says you have understood me appropriately and tells that very soon, she will get the secret of lal tekri mandir and moreover the nagmani which is with veritable Dev. She says she will get it from Dev. Manyata endeavors to become snake, yet she can’t becomes naagin. Vish exhorts her that she had yielded all her naagin powers when Nayantara kicked the basin. Manyata pushes her. vish bites on her leg and takes her. Vish comes to brinda and tells that she followed her and came here being worried over her. Brinda says she don’t trust in him. Vish demands that her see Dev’s vehicle and tells that it is here. Brinda audits Dev prompting that he is going to make strategy of money. Vish asks her not to trust Dev. Brinda says I don’t trust in you. Vish follows her. brinda holds her neck and says if you please my course, by then I will butcher you with my hands. She demands that her be saved from her. Vish’s other half is taking Manyata with her other hand gives sign to her.

Vish unveils to Manyata that her daughter is here. She tells that you have lost your powers, anyway I can hear anything. She says I will be arranged and becomes Dev. Manyata says you are doing this so that Dev gets blamed for this. In fact, even Brinda uses her resources and endeavors to hear Manyata. Manyata tells brinda that Vish is here, anyway fake Dev hangs everywhere. He tells that he is changing the way so she don’t reach him. He takes her to the feign. Manyata asks fake Dev/Vish to leave her. Dev/fake Vish exhorts that you have to fail miserably once your young lady comes. Vish goes behind Brinda. Brinda demands that her dismissal her. Vish says I will ignore you and this is my third interest. Brinda sees Manyata with fake Dev. Fake Dev/Vish requests her to admit to the puzzle from the asylum. Manyata says she won’t tell. Dev says I needn’t waste time with you and that is the explanation you have to fail miserably. He wounds her on and on.

Brinda sees them from far and becomes snake. The fake Dev cuts Manyata on her chest and she tumbles down on the ground. Vish/fake Dev thinks to do acting to get naagmani from Manyata to keep Brinda in misguided judgment. She acts to get naagmani and goes. Brinda comes to Manyata. Manyata says Dev… Brinda says she won’t leave Dev and says I won’t let you go, I will take you to clinical facility. Manyata says selling out… Brinda says I will see that Dev. Vish is looking at her and says don’t let Manyata talk. Fake Dev takes Vish’s image and comes to Vish. Vish has a bomb effect on the spot and makes Manyata and Brinda tumbled down. Manyata couldn’t become snake and tumbles down on the ground dead. Brinda becomes snake and slides. She asks Manyata to wake up and says you are icchadhari naagin and these stones can’t do anything to you. She demands that her open her eyes.

Brinda shouts on finding her dead and asks manyata to locate a serviceable pace, your powers, and locate a useful pace. She hollers… Dev. I won’t leave you, will execute you and will wipe your character totally. She grasps Manyata and cries. She is sorry to her and says I couldn’t understand that Dev’s points. Right when he went out, I was not fantastical that he went to get naagmani. He tells that Dev has done an offense of executing a naagin’s mother. He says I will butcher you and you will know the misery of losing someone dear to you. She says I will butcher you, this is my assurance. Vish hears her and says this is what I required, that you despise Dev and use your powers to convey requital. She says she will misuse and will get naagmani from Dev. Brinda uncovers to Dev that she will butcher Dev.

Dev shows up at home and tells that there is an elevating news. She tells that he got a significant examiner for his endeavor. Akash, baa and Vrushali get merry. Dev asks Akash to check the papers. He prompts that he needs to improve his reality with Brinda. Brinda takes Manyata to the crematorium ground and advises that she had permitted to Dev once, and pardoned him for Nayantara’s crime, thinking she misconceived, yet at this point she won’t excuse him.

Brinda covers Manyata’s face with material and audits her words to Dev. Dev lights the holika wood with fire. Brinda offers fire to the fire and wrinkles her hand and cries. Dev folds his hands before holika fire. He sits for puja. Akash and Baa ask Dev where is brinda? Khyati says she ought don’t know to sit in the puja. Swara calls brinda, anyway she isn’t picking the call. Swara’s significant other pandit tells that mahurat is going on. Vrushali asks Pandit to start the puja and says in case she was unable to think about us, by then for what reason will we care for her.

Pandit ji does the puja and advances to God for the prosperity of their family. brinda is in the asylum and tells that today she passed on with her mother and will pick up capability with all declarations of the human experience which a naagin will know. Vish comes to Dev and tells that brinda has hurt her and exhorts that she expected to sell his side of mechanical office and has set apart on the creation line papers. Baa says brinda can’t do this. Vrushali says she can do anything. Brinda ensures that she will make a striking segment again. Dev asks Vish where is Brinda? Vish advises that I uncovered to her that Dev will pardon you, yet she had taken away with Rajat. Dev is staggered.

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