Naagin 4 29th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (29/2/2020)

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Naagin 4 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Naagin 4 29 February 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

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Air Date: 29 February 2020

Full Written Update: Naagin 4 29/2/2020 Episode Start with

Swara asking Manyeta how belpatra can hurt Brinda since it’s favorable. Manyeta says that she will clarify later and requests that they leave since there is peril there. Brinda can’t. Manyeta says that foes are going to come. Brinda requests that her stay there as she will carry a blade to free her. She leaves.

Ketki asks Brinda (Vishakha) how she can talk like that to her significant other. Brinda says that it’s actual just that she was going to get hitched to Rajat before wedding Dev. Ketki says that Dev will never excuse her. Brinda says that Dev isn’t care for other preservationist spouse who disallows wives to converse with other men.

She asks Dev to reveal to Ketki that he can permit her to hit the dance floor with Rajat. Vishakha as Brinda inquires as to whether she will give him steps hitting the dance floor with Rajat. The last says that they will move likewise in beat. Dev is irate. Vishakha imagines that now Dev will get so furious that the naagmani should sparkle in his mind. Dev gives Brinda and Rajat move and they begin moving on “Nagadha sang dhol”.

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Brinda returns the cavern and gets stunned seeing Swara oblivious and harmed. Manyeta says that the foes had come and hurt her and Swara. She says that she should leave before they find a workable pace is her little girl or else there can be threat for her. Brinda takes a stab at halting her yet futile as Manyeta (who is Vishkha really) leaves.

Swara gets cognizant and reveals to Brinda that a tempest came after she left and somebody hit her head. Brinda requests that her pick up the pace since the entryway is getting shut. They surge outside.

Vishakha reclaims her own similarity and says that now Brinda won’t attempt to discover Manyeta and she can concentrate on Dev and get the naagmani.

Swara asks Brinda to return to the pooja and guarantees her that she will deal with herself and call her too. She says she will go to the specialist and guarantees her that the injury is not all that much. Brinda leaves.

Dev is getting incensed seeing Rajat and Brinda moving. Vishakha, in her genuine viewpoint, comes in the pooja as well. She asks Dev if everything is great and for what valid reason he isn’t moving. She inquires as to whether he is vexed that his better half is hitting the dance floor with another person.

She actuates him. He says that he isn’t irate and cares the slightest bit to what Brinda does. He leaves. Vishakha smiles and feels that she needed to drive him crazy just so as to see her naagmani obviously and grab it from him. She says that his opportunity to bite the dust has come.

Lilly asks Brinda to quit moving since everyone is taking a gander at her. Ketki discloses to Vrushali that she doesn’t feel that Brinda’s conduct is correct. Vrushali insults her.

Then again genuine Brinda reprimands herself for letting Manyeta go. She thinks about whether she accomplished something incorrectly. In the mean time Devis irate with Brinda and marvels why she wedded him since he hadn’t constrained her. He is chafed so the naagmani sparkles in his mind and gives him a horrible cerebral pain. He tumbles down oblivious.

Vishakha strolls towards Dev with a major knife and is going to hit him when she hears somebody’s means and afterward Brinda’s voice. She discards the blade.

Brinda hurries to Dev and when she contacts him, the naagmani vanishes. Vishakha asks why that occurred. Brinda demands Vishakha to go before everyone while she will remain with Dev. Vishakha concurs however believes that she destroyed her arrangement.

Brinda sees the ring she found in the collapse Vishakha’s foot while she leaves. Dev mumbles Brinda’s name and asks her for what reason she broke her quick with Rajat. Brinda feels that she wasn’t there so Vishakha more likely than not done that and asks why she is doing that.

Vishakha is goaded and pronounces that she needs to isolate Brinda and Dev.

Dev gets cognizant and his head hits Brinda’s temple while finding a workable pace. He is going to ask her unfortunately stops and says that she continues harming him yet never apologizes. He asks her what she was doing so near him.

She says that she was concerned for him. He requests that her return the pooja however she says that she needs to go to Swara who got injured. Dev says that he will go with her.

Lilly brings Pratik in the house furtively and inquires as to whether he is not kidding about her since he never goes before her family. He asks her some time since he doesn’t have cash until further notice and he can’t go before her family like that. She says that it is past the point of no return.

Brinda, Dev and Baa persuade Swara to remain in Parikh Mansion for the night since PanditJi is in sanctuary as well. Swara delays yet then needs to acknowledge. Vrushali doesn’t care for that.

Lilly hears somebody’s strides and covers up Pratik in the washroom. She shows him the pregnancy test which is sure. Pratik embraces her joyfully and inquires as to whether she was discussing this when she said it’s late and there isn’t a lot of time.

Dev and Brinda bring Swara. Dev requests that her call him when she needs something since Brinda vanishes once in a while. Swara requests that they let her take rest. They wish her great evening requesting that her fare thee well and leave.

Brinda and Dev stroll towards their room while contending since Brinda continues asking him what he implied saying that she continues vanishing.

Lilly and Pratik are covered up in their washroom and Lilly requests that he leave preceding Dev sees him. He leaves subsequent to dealing with herself. At that point Lilly turns out as well and Brinda sees her through the mirror. She thinks about what she was doing there.

Dev is going to go to the washroom when he sees Brinda placing paper in her nose. He asks her what she is doing. Brinda reveals to him this happens when she has low circulatory strain which she has now since she didn’t eat anything since morning.

He gets befuddled and inquires as to whether she has numerous character issue in light of the fact that occasionally she says that she didn’t keep quick, at times she chooses to keep fasting and afterward breaks her quick with Rajat.

She inquires as to whether he had seen her eating from Rajat’s hands. He says that he saw her turning out from behind the column with Rajat biting something. Brinda asks why Vishakha did that.

Dev sees Brinda’s nose draining and quickly gets stressed. She says that it is a direct result of her low BP. He takes her in his lap and cleans the blood with a tissue. She takes a gander at her.

Dev then goes in the washroom and sees the pregnancy test on the ground. He takes a gander at Brinda and goes to her. She expresses gratitude toward him for the chocolate. Dev inquires as to whether she is certain that she has low circulatory strain.

He says that it must be an explanation in the event that she isn’t giving him the privilege of a spouse. He reprimands her for not regarding their kinship, deceiving him and concealing things from him. She asks him what he is discussing.

Dev says that she is pregnant and she thinks about it. Brinda gets stunned hearing that. Dev hauls her to the washroom where he shows her the pregnancy test. She denies being pregnant however he doesn’t trust her and leaves saying that she needs a specialist.

Milly and Lilly are talking in the room when Brinda comes and goes up against Lilly about the pregnancy test. Brinda says that Dev thinks about it as well and might suspect she is the pregnant one. Lilly and Milly get frightened.

Dev gets the specialist the house. Entire the family accumulates in the room. Brinda says that she will come in the emergency clinic tomorrow as it were. She deceives everyone that she is pregnant. Dev doesn’t utter a word however he is irate.

Baa is upbeat. Swara comes and Baa discloses to her the uplifting news. Baa gives a rudraksh to Brinda to spare her from every stink eye and afterward requests that everyone leave and let Dev and Brinda remain alone.

Later Dev brings nourishment for Brinda and says that she is an interesting piece since she was disclosing to him that she isn’t pregnant and afterward told everyone the purported uplifting news. He asks her not to upset him while he is working. He goes to sit and take a shot at PC.

Brinda abruptly changes half in a bite and gets stunned since she can’t deal with the change. She shrouds herself under cover and reveals to Dev that she is finished. He gets her plate and goes to keep it in the kitchen. Brinda thinks about what is befalling her.

The following morning everyone is eating. Baa asks Brinda not to work and sit. She requests that her call Swara. Brinda reveals to her that she gave her the morning meal in the room as it were. Vrushali asks Brinda to get pickle from her. She goes in the kitchen. Lilly approaches Milly to bring squeezed orange for her so Milly goes to the kitchen as well.

Once in kitchen, Brinda begins changing again and marvels why she is changing without her assent since yesterday. She thinks about what to do since Vishakha isn’t around as well. Her base changes into the one of a snake and simply then Milly comes there and gets stunned seeing her.

Brinda changes totally into a Naagin and afterward again as individual. She has a go at guaranteeing Milly that she isn’t eager to hurt anyone and requests that her stay quiet yet Milly gets terrified and is going to leave. Nonetheless, Brinda can extend her arm and snatch Milly covering her mouth with her hand.

Brinda is confounded by her own demonstration as well. She asks Milly not to enlighten anyone regarding what she has seen or else she will uncover Lilly’s mystery and afterward slaughter everyone. She leaves Milly in the wake of caution her. Milly flees. Brinda apologizes however imagines that her retribution will be fragmented something else.

Milly returns on the eating table. Lilly asks her the squeezed orange. Brinda accompanies the squeezed orange for Lilly who is going to drink it yet Milly jolts the juice away from her hands. Everyone asks her what occurred.

Milly stammers and afterward uncovers that Brinda is a Naagin. Everyone gets stunned. Lilly asks Milly what occurred. Milly cries and advises everyone to trust her since she saw everything with her own eyes. Everyone is stunned.

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