Naagin 4 15th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (15/3/2020)

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Naagin 4 15th March 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “Naagin 4 15 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Brinda Attempts To Kill Harsh

Air Date: 15 March 2020

Full Written Update: Naagin 4 15/3/2020 Episode Start with Vrushali and Ketki going to where they will play holi. Ketki says I believe they are using characteristic tints as I am touchy to ordinary concealing. Vrushali says I am going to put concealing on your hairs. Ira and Khyati says even we. Ketki says everyone are covetous of my hairs. Brinda looks at them. Parikh’s progressively energetic age comes there and wish merry holi to each other. Brinda mixes bhang in thandai and says it will be engaging. She sees Baa and Akash and gets energetic. She by then figures she won’t get involved from her point. She changes her image and goes to Vrushali, Ketki and Ira and give them bhang. She asks with respect to whether their bahu is more brilliant than her. She by then offers bhang to Lily and Mili. She goes to the youngsters and gives them bhang too. They play with her. She continues to become brinda again.

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Dev comes there with his new life partner. Brinda surveys Dev mentioning that her take a right decision. He is an agent, anyway marriage isn’t business can anticipate him. She eyes them. Nayantara/by and by Shalaka comes there and invites Vrushali, Ketki and others with a grasp. She wishes sprightly holi to Akash and baa and contacts their feet. Akash wishes cheery holi to Dev. She changes her image and goes to Nayantara. Nayantara asks with respect to in the case of something is mixed in it. Dev’s kin make her drink it. Brinda as someone else asks Dev to drink. Dev won’t drink and prompts that he is devoted to his loved one. Brinda goes.

Baa gets some data about her kin Manish. Nayantara asks who is Manish? She tells that bhang must be mixed in it. She tells that may be they are exhausted. Baa gets some data about her Pag phera. Nayantara thinks may be they neglect. Baa demands that her be unwavering with her words and exercises. Brinda goes to side, thinks for what reason would she say she is stowing ceaselessly? Vrushali, Ketki, Ira and others come to Dev and asks where is that splendid laying eggs. Dev asks whom? Ketki says your significant other Shalaka. Nayantara thinks to butcher Baa and mixes something in the margarine milk. Dev’s kin demand that Harsh play music. Brinda leaves the holi pool and says I am back. Baa says brinda. Brinda asks concerning whether they don’t see her and says I am Brinda. She leaves the holi pool and grasps Baa. She asks how are you Baa? Baa says I am fine. Brinda demands that her keep certainty on her that she will do nothing mistakenly. Vrushali calls her. Brinda hurries to her and asks how are you sasumaa. Vrushali says I am particularly fine and asks how right? Brinda shouts music and proceeds onward the song yeh chori badi snoop hain. Dev and Nayantara are paralyzed.

Brinda goes to Dev and moves around him. Nayantara surveys brinda is a naagin and getting Manyata from her. She figures I won’t let brinda get anything from me. She goes towards Dev. Baa stops her and says let Brinda talk with Dev. Unforgiving says she is biwi no 1. Baa says until he continues ahead, he can’t interface with you. Nayantara says I have first right on her and thinks to execute Baa by making her refreshment spread milk. She figures she won’t let Brinda bomb her plan.

Dev asks what are you doing here? Brinda tells that you have called me and moved toward me to sit alongside you for holika dahan puja. He asks what? Didn’t you wake so late and asks did you put aside such a lot of exertion to take decision. Brinda says I was doing orchestrating and tells that she has returned following a year and tells that his resulting marriage is unlawful. Dev says you have surrendered me. He asks what you felt that I will hold on for every one of you life, I am inconsequential. Brinda says I had disregarded that you expected to win money which demands that you get everything. Dev tells that he was hysterical for her and had absolved her reliably. He says I have recognized you that I wasn’t right. She says you are dry. Dev says don’t envision that you consider me. He drinks water and says you cherishes opportunity and that is the explanation left from here. He asks when is she leaving? Brinda says never, tells that she is still Brinda Dev Parikh. Dev says everything is done between us. Brinda says nothing will be done until I do that and says I have to give out reprisals with you. Dev says my family and I have achieved such a lot for you. Brinda tells that she has seen his real face in the mirror. Dev asks with respect to why you have come. Brinda says to bother you, to give you torment. He says you won’t take all the great occasions. She asks what your fake life partner will say. Dev says Shalaka is my significant other. Brinda says authentic and first is me. Dev says that way, by then with that justification, he takes concealing in his grip and applies everywhere. Brinda giggles and says productive representative, companion of two spouses and applying gulaal himself. Dev demands that her quit laughing and holds her hand. He rubs his forehead on her sanctuary and rubs his cheeks on hers. Lahu muh slack gaya plays… ..Dev says happy holi to Mrs. Dev Parikh and asks what happened, in case she isn’t laughing you. He is going to fall. She holds him. He is going to kiss her, anyway leaves her idiom customariness is left in him still. He goes. Brinda thinks what comes to pass for me at whatever point Dev comes infront of me.

Vrushali asks with respect to whether Dev haven’t returned. Shalaka/Nayantara says I expected to apply shagun first tika all finished, in any case… .Dev comes there with concealing everywhere. Nayantara, Vrushali, Ketki see his face concealed and he is apparently alcoholic bhang. Nayantara says I will hit the move floor with him atleast. Dev and Nayantara hit the move floor with each other. Baa gets some data about brinda. Dev says she doesn’t listen to me even now. Vrushali sends Nayantara to hit the move floor with Dev. Dev and Nayantara proceed onward the tune Nashe si Chad gayi. Dev says holi’s first move is worthy. Brinda takes Nayantara with her. Rohan tells dev that both you and brinda have concealing on the face. Brinda uncovers to Nayantara that Dev is her better half legitimately and says I have nothing against you. Nayantara says anyway in case I have and tells that she will struggle with her for Dev. She pushes Brinda. Brinda falls on Dev. Dev holds her hand and hits the move floor with her.

Nayantara comes to Baa and thinks drink buttermilk and fail miserably soon. Rohan comes to Nayantara and tells that Dev is hitting the move floor with brinda. Nayantara comes to Dev and pulls him towards her and hits the move floor with her. Brinda collides with baa and the margarine milk glass tumbles from her hands. She is sorry to Baa.

Dev comes to brinda and demands that her leave. He demands that her continue to manage Rajat’s newborn child. Brinda says I was infrequently pregnant and says that test was false. Dev asks as to for what reason did you lie by then? He says you are insane and demands that her go. Brinda says I was unable to think less about them, anyway care for you genuinely. She says I feel association with you. Dev says liar, you couldn’t have any association or feeling with me, demands that her leave him and go. Brinda says I really feel for you, asks regarding whether she don’t get desirous seeing him with someone else. She needn’t bother with some other individual to get in touch with him and says she can’t bear as even she… .Dev demands that her consummation the sentence and says in case you can’t answer this, by then you are same brinda who was at a comparable spot which you was 1 year back. He says you are liar and I would incline toward not to see your face. He explodes and Naagmani shines on his temples. Brinda is paralyzed to see Naagmani on Dev’s temples. She goes starting there, surveying Manyata’s words.

She figures how would he be able to, what’s new with he. She winnows the tree with her hand and figures I should have executed him when I saw Naagmani on his sanctuary. She thinks why I ignored that he is the enemy of my sister and executed my mother infront of me. She cries and thinks he is an executioner, murder him on next get-together.

Unforgiving comes there and helps Brinda locate a decent pace. He says you will look moon in nightfall and says I never envisioned that I will encourage this to pujari’s daughter. He says for what reason is she acting pativrata companion, tells that she isn’t his kin’s better half any more. Brinda holds his neck and her eye concealing changes. He asks what come to pass for your eyes. She says you expected to engage me, you are outstandingly splendid and that is what I am doing. She ends up being half naagin and holds him in her tail. He demands that her leave him and says I will do puja of every youngster, will call you devi. Brinda says you will do puja and tells that I have seen how every one of you ran behind Nayantara and gave her passing. She gag out him in his tail and says today you have to deal with an icchadhari naagin. She demands that he run and says I will execute you infront of your family members. Fierce runs and goes to the holi place. Brinda comes there and takes image in saree. Fierce endeavors to tell Rasik, anyway he doesn’t listen to him. Brinda hurls tints on him, says you expected to play with youngsters, need to concealing them. She by then gives him stagger with her hand.

She by then holds him in air high and solicitations that he see how his bad behavior pot breaks. She leaves him. He falls in the holi water tub and shouts. Everyone hears him and floods there. Ira asks what has come upon my kid. Rasik demands that he open his eyes. Dev asks them not to free for all and pushes on his chest to siphon his heart. Brinda figures I would have never endeavored to butcher an exemplary individual, yet I did this as he executed Nayantara. She figures she will execute all of his kin. Dev finds her loops there and looks at Brinda.

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