Naagin 4 14th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (14/3/2020)

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Naagin 4 14th March 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “Naagin 4 14 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vish Frees Nayantara To Get Naagmani From Dev, Brinda Returns

Air Date: 14 March 2020

Full Written Update: Naagin 4 14/3/2020 Episode Start with Vish telling Dev, Vrushali and others that she endeavored to stop Brinda, yet she has escaped with Rajat. Vrushali asks where? Ketki says we understand she almost certainly escaped with Rajat. Baa says this youngster is expressing anything against Brinda. Dev hollers enough Baa and tells that he wouldn’t have trusted Vishaka in case he had not asked brinda to pick among Rajat and him. He says Brinda isn’t here the present moment, clearly she has picked Rajat and left your awesome kid. He demands that Baa recognize this and says I have recognized this. Vish says she will return unmistakably as she isn’t having money. Vrushali says the portals of the house is closed for brinda. They all leave. Vish says sorry to Dev. Dev says don’t be lamented, whatever is done is by my child buddy Brinda.

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Purohit ji gives his feelings to Brinda for Manyata’s destruction. Brinda prompts that she will offer end to her foes and will pick up capability with all techniques of this world as I have to transform into a for the most part pivotal… Swara says you are a Naagin. Brinda goes to her. Swara says when your Manyata mother mentioned that you stay away from bel patr, I glanced and read in your baba’s books and comes to understand that Naagins get injured by the bel patr. Swara uncovers to her that she is feeling disappointed about Manyata’s passing and unveils to her that she is with her. She asks who are they, who needs to hurt you and with whom you have to convey reprisal. Brinda says Parikh family and tells that they are executioners, I will execute everyone. Swara gets some data about Dev. Brinda says even Dev, I will execute him.

Dev goes to the room and recalls everything. Ho Maana tune plays… … He recalls their minutes and takes out his irateness, hurls the things in his room. Vish thinks to keep an eye out for him. He takes the towel and asks with respect to why Brinda, looking at the loops.

Swara asks with respect to whether he is readied. They go to Brinda who is connected to a section. Swara unveils to Brinda that she needs to transform into an even more great Naagin, from just icchadhari naagin. Purohit ji says you have to acknowledge usage of your scholarly data. They call a couple of men there. Swara says they have come to make you practice, fight with them, yet don’t do anything thinking them as Parikh family. The men hurl bel patr on Brinda. Brinda shouts. Swara demands that her ambush them. Brinda breaks the rope and attacks the men. They tumbled down.

Dev demands that his specialist get money from the bank. Akash says you didn’t rest since various days and solicitations that he rest. Swara asks Brinda to attack them. Dev exhorts that he needs to transform into an even more enormous and rich agent and until this happens, I won’t get rest. Brinda fights with the men and obliterations them. Swara recognizes them and solicitations that they go. She requests that someone else come. Brinda sees snake charmers coming there and playing woodwind. She starts moving. Swara demands that her control herself and don’t concentrate on the music. Naagin tune plays… ..Brinda tumbles down. Swara supports her locate a decent pace. Brinda asks what happened. Swara says you lost from them, yet we will endeavor again. Brinda says I will win. Swara says you will win and grasps her. She says you have to return to that family as a warrior who never gets vanquished. Brinda says this will happen. Vish asks Dev to continue forward. Dev asks I don’t get your importance? Vish says you have to neglect brinda and continue forward for the duration of regular daily existence. Dev says you or the women envision that they can figure men considerations, and advises that he is thinking with respect to business.

Vish figures he isn’t exploding and Naagmani isn’t sparkling. She comes to Mundika and tells that since brinda went, Naagmani isn’t found in Dev’s forehead. She tells that she asked Purohit, anyway he said that he doesn’t have the foggiest thought. She says Swara comes to Parikh family, yet goes about as if she was unable to think less about brinda. She says she is getting mad. Mundika demands that her scratch her face and becomes like her. She says Brinda might be stuck in some captivated catch. Vish gets an idea and unveils to Mundika that she has a better than average weapon and moves her hairs from her face. Mundika endeavors to stop her and tells that her powers get less when her face is revealed. Vish scratches her face. Mundika counter ambushes on Vish. Vish becomes snake and holds Mundika body. She by then segregates into two and her other half snack Mundika’s forehead. She by then lifts Mundika and holds her by her hair and harms her harshly. Mundika shouts.

Brinda goes to the haven. Swara and Purohit ji looks at her amazingly. Purohit ji says these articles of clothing. Brinda says white concealing is the sign of agreement, anyway this will turn out to be passing articles of clothing for them. She says she will fight this war now and will render her retaliation. She says the dream which Nayantara had seen, I will fulfill it. She takes Swara’s blessings. Swara asks her not to blunder. Brinda says I will take them to crematorium ground. She says she will execute them exceptionally that Dev. Mundika goes to the haven and expends the section. It is showed up, Vish has taken her image. Vish tells that Mundika prompted her that she had blasted Nayantara inside and exhorts that she expected to butcher her and take her image and powers. She says I will meet you as Mundika else you will recall me. She says she will make Nayantara proceed onward her tunes to get Naagmani. She expels Nayantara from the segment. Nayantara is having mud on her body. Vish gets water on her through charm. Nayantara opens her eyes and tells that she is Nayantara, anyway her face is changed. Vish says I have given you this face with the objective that you can convey revenge from Brinda. Nayantara endeavors to see her face. Vish stops her and says I would incline toward not to freeze you. She uncovers to her that she will take her to Parikhs and solicitations that her do hand shake with her. Nayantara says I had quite recently suffered by heartily welcoming Vishaka, by and by I won’t accomplish something fundamentally the same as. I will do everything with my longing and demands that her come behind her. Vish agrees and shakes hand with her. Nayantara says even my name will be changed now, I am Shalaka now.

Vrushali approaches if the courses of action are cultivated for holika dahan. Ketki and Ira get some data about her valuable stone loops. Vrushali says she is a mother of successful pro Dev. She asks where is baa and Akash. Baa and Akash turn out. Baa tells that whatever happened 1 year back is unacceptable. I don’t think brinda have done this with her craving. Akash says even I put aside a lot of exertion to agree to this reality. He says we have to recognize this. Dev comes there. They tell that they will keep it together for her. Khyatri and Ketki tell that their bahu is favorable for us, we got money on this day. Akash says she has come. Brinda comes there and hears them from far.

Dev looks on. His new woman of great importance comes in cover. Vrushali says this is your first holi. Ketki says today in the initial segment of the day, Dev got hitched. Vrushali lifts her spread and applies concealing to Nayantara/Shalaka. Brinda sees her in daze. Vrushali wishes them perky holi. Dev and Nayantara light the holika fire.

Dev goes to the room later and tells this is our first night, I respect your space. Nayantara says it is my longing to marry you. She says I understand it is hard to recognize this, you might be feeling lumbering now as your ex left you. He says you didn’t get diverted, yet set point for the duration of regular daily existence. She says I was pulled in to you seeing your veneration for your family. She says you can take as a lot of time as fundamental and says she will lay on relax seat. He says he will lay on relax seat and demands that her lay on bed. Nayantara/Shalaka says who can leave such an OK companion. Swara calls Brinda and says I understand what you are feeling right now. She says even I came to know seconds prior. She says I am going there standard, anyway I didn’t have the foggiest thought when did they get Dev marry? Brinda says I can’t get fragile and tells that she will address the oversight. She says she will achieve something which Parikh family haven’t consider.

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