Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26th January 2023 Episode Written Update (26/1/2023)

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update, Star Maa “Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26 January 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Amba faces humiliation

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Air Date: Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26th January 2023

Full Written Update: Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26/1/2023 Episode Start with Vidhi offering to the media that she will get hitched to Dev with their family endowments. She would rather not grab her life from Amba. Amba tells her that she referenced her name as Mrs. Raichand on Milapini Devi’s greeting card. For what reason did she like that? Vidhi tells her that it was her slip-up. However, she was the person who misinformed her. She requested her to specify her like that.

Amba gets irate hearing it. Vidhi adds that Amba conceals a large number of Dev’s things in her home. She is safeguarding it in her home like a gallery. Vidhi inquires as to whether she is essentially dead on, then denies it. She needed to ask another thing. On the off chance that she was involved with Dev Raichand, she would have halted her when she went gaga for him as well. She would have requested that Dev Raichand get Vidhi far from their relationship. On the off chance that he is hers, what’s the need to isolate him from her?

Amba printed a banner with her partners to make a terrible impact on her. Her goal was her family and Dev needed to peer down on her. Try not to set out to reject that she doesn’t know about it. Since she has records with her. She gifted a shop to her dad to control him against her. She reported to everybody that Vidhi had an interesting sickness and planned to pass on quickly to stop her wedding with Dev. She deceived them that she planned to bite the dust. On the off chance that her affection for him is valid. Then, at that point, she wouldn’t hurt him like that. She really wants equity. The media remark that Amba is a miscreant. She is a busybody. She made a phony report to isolate Vidhi from Dev. She thought for even a moment to confront the media with this honest face.

Urmila grumblings that Vidhi demolished their family name. Hariprasad stops her. The media addressed Vidhi. How could she confront what is going on valiantly? Vidhi says that she isn’t lying. Truth will win eventually. Dev trains her to confront everything daring. The media asks Dev when he will get hitched to her? He specifies the 25th.

Amba scowls at Vidhi and leaves. Vidhi sees her. In the interim, Urmila causes a situation there. She says that she destroyed their family notoriety. Neighbors abuse them. Urmila sees the gems there. Bimla tells her that her in-regulation gave this to them. She gifts that to Urmila. Pramod lets him know that she is correct. The family members will cause a situation. Hariprasad griped that those family members didn’t come to see him in the clinic. At the point when Vidhi went to prison they didn’t go there. Dev came to help them. He will not get an ideal child in-regulation like him. Urmila makes a concurrence with them. Hariprasad consents to make it happen.

Amba breaks things out of frustration still up in the air to get back at them. In the interim, Satyavati and Vidhi arrive at home. Satyavati imparts to Bimla that she is fortunate to get Vidhi as her little girl in-regulation. She could never have tracked down a preferred young lady for Dev over her. Dev tells her that he is fortunate to have her in his life. In the interim, Neelam and her significant other show up there. Neelam tells Hariprasad that she won’t go inside to hurt him. They are here to favor Dev and Vidhi.

She commends Vidhi for her strong discourse. Hariprasad stops them prior to leaving. He welcomes them to go along with them to celebrate wedding arrangements. He is sorry to Pratap for mistreating him. He misreads their relationship. He is glad to get Dev as his child in-regulation. In the interim, Yogesh stops Amba. He tells her that he can’t stand him. Amba requests him to go to their wedding to destroy their bliss. Afterward, Dev and Abhimanyu are prodding Satyavati for being over eager to invite Vidhi. Everybody was astonished to see Dev’s badi maa showing up there.

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