Muskaan 2nd Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (2/1/2020)


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Episode Name: Rukmini Is Imprisoned

Air Date: 2 January 2020

Full Written Update: Muskaan 2/1/2020 Episode Start with

Roshni asking Babu ji is Ronak your youngster. Sir ji says no possibility. Muskaan asks how, you are Ronak’s dad, Gayatri’s better half, right, Roshni’s Dada ji. Roshni gets shocked. Gayatri says today you have to confess all. She continues to contact Sir ji’s feet. She says you won’t support your significant other. She says Roshni, I m your Badi mumma, Dadi, same way he is your Bade Papa, Dada ji, didn’t he let you know. Roshni says you deceived me. Sir ji says I will explain, like they forgot about you and about, they left me too, like you were angry on them, I was in like manner furious, I didn’t wish you to know this, I love you a ton. She says you are outstandingly awful. She cries. She says every one of you are dreadful. She runs. Sir ji alerts everyone. Roshni comes to Khushi. She asks how are you now. Khushi demands that her leave. She hacks. Roshni gives her water to drink. Khushi smiles. Ronak says I will call the police. Muskaan says he will be out of jail in an hour, we have to think of him as and keep an eye out for him, he will achieve something. Ronak goes.

Sir ji says I have come in this house just for you, I will see how Muskaan embarks to snatch Ronak from you, Ronak will be yours. Nisha looks on. Ronak goes to open the gateway. Police comes to catch Ronak for polygamy. Supervisor impugns him for having two life partners. Muskaan says truly… Ronak says I will talk. Sir ji asks in what limit will you explain the police and society. Ronak gets bound. Ronak asks Muskaan to manage the house, he will just come. Khushi cries. Roshni takes her. Sir ji asks Nisha not to get troubling, Ronak isn’t thankful, you served the house for quite a while, he gave the commitment to a craftsman, Muskaan can move well and regulate house, we will make this house a ladies bar. Muskaan shouts Sir ji… Sir ji reprimands her.

Muskaan asks as to for what reason do you have this pride, you have no family, I m not old Muskaan, I m not alarmed of you, the time isn’t far, Ronak is certifiably not a blameworthy gathering, he will return, we understand that he didn’t do anything inaccurately. Sir ji says Nisha will manage the house. Nisha says sure. Roshni says Babu ji is extraordinary. Khushi says he isn’t incredible, he has sent dad to jail, he said we are sisters, my mum didn’t express that. Roshni says my people hurled me on road. Khushi says no, my dad can never do this, he is commonly great. Roshni says I will talk with Babu ji. Ronak says my family is at genuine hazard, check Sir ji’s notoriety. Controller says let me know, don’t you have two mates.

Sir ji avoids Muskaan from going to police central command. He says your name is written in register there, you may in like manner get caught, there is still time, think well, he has cheated you, he got hitched, if there is certified sentiment, by then darlings hold up till the end, clasp hands with me and continue ahead. She rebukes him. He stops her. Roshni underpins Khushi. They demand that he free Ronak from police. Sir ji thinks Roshni was sent here to make bothers, she has empathy toward her sister. He says we will go to police central station. Muskaan says Khushi won’t go with you, I will get Ronak freed. Sir ji says Gayatri, I m your life partner. Muskaan says we are similarly the comparable, we vanquished you. Roshni says I will go with Babu ji.

Sir ji says I thought you joined the enemies, thankful, you are a lot of equivalent to I trained you. Legitimate mentor says its exceptional to free you, its occasion of two connections, banter with Nisha, if she says you did a marriage sensation, by then you may get saved, she can’t stay in your home, this is the primary way. Ronak says its better amazing, managed my young lady for quite a while, find some other way. Lawyer says fine. Roshni says Ronak was expressing you had taken me. Sir ji says don’t listen to him. Roshni says he was telling Muskaan, I recorded the dialog. Sir ji sees the account. He says I encountered sent you to trouble them, if you keep spying, by then I will hurl you on road, don’t submit the mistake, essentially do as I state. She goes. He says Roshni is changing, my game can crash and burn, I have to make Nisha my pawn, she can do my work.

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