Mother Kali took the form of a girl and a wrestler here, ending the witches and demons


Chamba (Bobi Singh): Himachal Pradesh is called the land of gods and goddesses. This land has religious shrines for many deities and many deities have their own stories. Today, we will get you started with one such story. Neither you have ever heard nor seen this story. Yes, today we are going to tell you such a dreadful story.

Situated about 18 kilometers from the tourist town of Dalhousie under Chamba district, there is a place called Dankund where there is a temple of Pohlani Mata. Now you must be wondering who is Pohlani Mata. Let’s say, the priest of this temple, Raj Kumar, says that this temple is about 400 old.

Our ancestors say that the first witch and demon lived here. At that time there were kings of Chamba who used to call our elders in Chamba. At that time there was no road facility. Our elders used to walk from here to Chamba. The witches who lived here used to bother our elders a lot.

Due to this, our elders requested for protection from Lord Shiva Shankar, on which Bhole Shankar sent Kali Mata. Here Kali Mata appeared as a girl and killed the witch. When Mata killed the witches, the demons also came here. This mother took the form of a wrestler and put an end to demons too. Since then this place is known as Pohalani Mata.

According to the priest, the mother told our elders in a dream that I have appeared here. I have killed witches and demons. You come and establish me here. And you won’t mind. Since then, devotees come here and fulfill their wishes.


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