Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th February 2022 Episode Written Update (14/02/2022)

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th February 2022 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14th February 2022 Written Update” on

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Air Date: 14th February 2022

Full Written Update: Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 14/02/2022 Episode Start with Prisha ridiculing Soumya’s fantasies. Soumya grins hearing her. Prisha says you look OK, not hot like me, but rather you can trap good folks, then, at that point, your life is set here. Soumya says frantic, a debt of gratitude is in order for your recommendation, I didn’t come here to settle, however to make a profession, I m an author and make stories, I m sure that I will make my vocation without a doubt. Prisha says go on. Soumya comes to Armaan’s office. She thinks I need to go to Armaan’s lodge some how. She stows away from Simmi. She goes to washroom. She hears Armaan’s voice. She says where did I stall out, how will I respond. She stows away. He answers a call. He applies the aroma. She wheezes. He glances around. He gets another call and goes. She leaves. She sees Armaan going.

She keeps the content in Armaan’s room and implores that he understands it. Dil ye ziddi hai… plays… Soumya returns home. She supplicates. Armaan really takes a look at certain contents. He gets Soumya’s content. He understands it. Mami sees Soumya asking. She asks did she tie up the badam in her dupatta. She opens the bunches. Soumya asks with eyes shut. Armaan grins perusing the content. Soumya says Mami… Mami jokes. Soumya expresses gratitude toward Mami and embraces her. She says I secured the bunch that Armaan peruses my content, you opened the bunch, it implies Armaan read the story. Armaan says astonishing, I need this sort of romantic tale for my new work, who is the essayist. He reviews Soumya and says Soumya Verma, you demonstrated indeed that you are a damn decent essayist, however you are restricted here, how did this content reach here. He calls Simmi.

Mami requests that Soumya strip the almonds for Prisha. She says you previously got a lot of sense. She goes. Simmi says I don’t be familiar with the content. Armaan says I truly loved the content. Simmi says I need to call her or not. Armaan says you know it to call her or not, she is frantic, she might want to know whether I read it or not. Simmi says OK, she will come here and you will have an advantage. She gets a call. She says your polished has arrived, its Anita’s child’s sangeet. Soumya asks would we go in Anita’s child’s sangeet. Mami says OK, you should come. Mom says concur, else she will raise my bp. Soumya says I know practically everything. Mami requests that she iron Prisha’s dress. She goes. Mom says let it be, I will make it happen. Soumya says I will go it. She gets her father’s call. She says they will peruse my story. At the sangeet work, Soumya meets Anita.

Mami says she does acting constantly. Prisha says I don’t fit in working class capacities. Mami says Anita works in Armaan’s office, rich individuals will come here. They proceed to meet Anita. Soumya hears Anita talking. She says sorry to ask you, you look stressed, what occurred. Anita says mehendi craftsmen didn’t come, what to do. Soumya says simply relax, I will apply it. Anita requests that she come. Armaan is coming. He converses with his father. He says I will be in information. His father says you changed this common thing into a picture building a valuable open door, the very best. Soumya applies the mehendi. Prisha says I m leaving now, Mr. Perfect won’t remain here, I m done. Mami says pause, a vehicle is coming, perhaps its some rich person. Armaan comes as the driver. He praises Anita and gives a gift to Anita. Anita says I can’t take it.

Armaan says you realize Armaan well, every representative is like family, see the inclination behind it, kindly acknowledge this. Anita says I can’t. He shows his face and says acknowledge this, would I be able to come here. Anita says you came here as a driver. He says tomfoolery and masti should be here in the marriage. Anita says thanks to him for coming. He expresses profound gratitude for seeing organization accounts, acknowledge this little gift. He gifts her the vehicle. Prisha and Mami grin. Anita acknowledges the vehicle and expresses gratitude toward him. Everybody applauds. The woman says Armaan has come here, he gifted you a vehicle. Soumya says Armaan here. She sees Armaan and grins.

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