Molkki 4 May 2021 Episode Written Update (4/05/2021)

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Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Molkki 4 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sakshi hides Prakashi’s truth from Virendra

Air Date: 04 May 2021

Full Written Update: Molkki 4/05/2021 Episode Start with She additionally reviews the new occurrences and cries. Mom comes there. She quits crying seeing him. He apologize to her adage that she got her as girl law of this house however today he tended to her as servant before everybody. He says to her that he didn’t have some other decision since Doctor requested that they not advise any stunning news to Sakshi that is the reason they hided about her and Virendra’s union with Sakshi.

She says to him that he need not to apologize to her since she can comprehend his circumstance and he is directly in his place and he resembles her dad and she trust him totally. She discloses to him that Sakshi returned after such countless years so their need is dealing with her which they will do. He says to her that he feels soothed now and he is hanging tight for the day when Purvi will get her joy and her privileges and favors her at that point leaves from that point.

Sakshi gets some information about Kids. He says to her that Kids should be with Prakashi and he will send them to her. He thinks to converse with Purvi and advises Sakshi to take rest and attempts to leave the room. She stops him saying that she missed him a ton and requests that he invest energy with her at that point embraces him. He gets stressed for Purvi. She asks her that what was he doing in the marriage mandap yesterday. He misleads her expression that he was doing “Kanyadaan” and leaves from that point.

Purvi causes Kids to comprehend that how they ought to act before Sakshi. Juhi asks her that for what reason they are doing this. Purvi says to her that Sakshi’s wellbeing isn’t acceptable well that is the reason they are concealing reality from her so later they will uncover everything to Sakshi. Children vows to her and embraces her. Virendra catches their discussion and attempts to go into the room however Bhuri stops him saying that Sakshi holding back to have food with him. Virendra asks Prakashi that for what reason Purvi remaining in house keeper’s room. Anjali says to him that for Sakshi, Purvi is servant that is the reason.

Sakshi takes care of Virendra saying that he utilized eat first chomp from her hand. He advises her to have food. She says to him that he fail to remember that she additionally used to eat first nibble from his hand. He takes care of her and discusses the mishap and asks her that for what good reason she didn’t return till now. She says to him that she was in trance like state till now and few days back just she recovered her awareness. She reviews how Prakashi advised her to accomplish something and consequently she can rejoin with her family.

She additionally reviews how she vowed to not inform anything concerning Prakashi to Virendra. She comes to the real world and embraces Virendra in dread. Children embraces Sakshi and leaves from that point. Virendra advises Sakshi to have food.

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