Molkki 25th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (25/11/2020)

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Molkki 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Molkki 25 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Purvi Experiences Hostility In Her New Home

Air Date: 25 November 2020

Full Written Update: Molkki 25/11/2020 Episode Start with Purvi wipes her tears before her mom sees it and says all is great and advises her to begin next ceremonies. Purvi’s bidaai happens.Purvi’s mom gives krishna symbol to her maxim he will be with her consistently. Purvi cries embracing her mom and Priyu. She goes out in the wake of offering bye to her dad and everybody. She sits next to Virendra in vehicle and takes a gander at him yet he overlooks her. She continues crying seeing her family and take a gander at him again with trust. Yet, he turns opposite side. She dozes while crying, later awakens. They arrives at Virendra’s home and he goes into inside the house alone disregarding her completely.

She holds up in the vehicle and figures Prakashi and Mama didn’t reach yet. Driver advises her to go into the house saying it’s her parents in law house. She was going to go into the house however one ball hits her. She stuns seeing Manas and Juhi. Seeing Prakashi they runs from that point. Prakashi says she will do Purvi’s Graha pravesh and advises Anjali to begin the arrangements for her Graha pravesh. Anjali says Purvi as of now went into the house at that point what’s the need of welcome. Mom says her greeting ought to happen appropriately after all she is Virendra’s significant other and requests Anjali to do what Prakashi advised her. Anjali gestures at him. Prakashi advises Servant to show Purvi’s space to her. Purvi goes with her and says she never observed this much huge house. That Lady insults her and her status. She enjoys one lovely entryway and miracles whose room is this and stands before that room.

That Lady takes Purvi from that point and sees that bolted entryway. She advises Purvi to toss her gear saying it doesn’t have the right to remain here and says they generally tosses the things which doesn’t have the right to remain in this house. Priyu’s family arrives at Naveen’s home to discuss Priyu and Naveen’s marriage. Naveen’s mom by implication discusses share saying Purvi’s marriage occurred with rich family. Priyu’s mom says they can’t manage the cost of endowment so don’t expect that from them and says they will send Priyu to her parents in law the manner in which they send Purvi. Prakashi makes Purvi wear large jewelry for party. Anjali in a roundabout way taunts Purvi. Seeing Prakashi’s furious face Anjali change the subject and leaves from that point. Prakashi says party occurring for Purvi so she should look exceptional and wonderful and causes her to prepare.

Naveen’s dad takes Purvi’s dad with him saying he needs to converse with him. Naveen’s dad says he realizes that Purvi’s Molkki marriage occurred and requests that he give the land he got in Purvi’s marriage as settlement at that point just Priyu’s marriage can occur. Juhi places a few stones in Purvi’s shoes. Prakashi advises Purvi to wear those shoes. Those stones inconveniences Purvi. That Lady sees her response and insults her platitude she is first time wearing exorbitant thing that is the reason it’s occurring. Purvi sees Manas and Juhi and understands that they done this. Juhi figures now she will inconvenience Purvi more in gathering and takes Manas from that point. Priyu advises Naveen to wed her without taking share since her folks can’t bear the cost of that. He says he can’t conflict with his family. Virendra’s sister Suman meets Prakashi and inquires as to why they didn’t educated her about the marriage.

Prakashi says they didn’t welcome anybody. Suman says Purvi looking lovely and Virendra going to like her more. Anjali says Virendra isn’t in any event, going to see her at that point preferring her is incomprehensible. That Lady cautions Purvi to act appropriately in gathering saying numerous high class individuals will come. Purvi draws close to steps. Everybody acclaims seeing Purvi’s excellence. Purvi gets apprehensive seeing endless individuals and thinks to return to her room.

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