Molkki 24th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (24/11/2020)

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Molkki 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Molkki 24 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virender And Purvi Get Married

Air Date: 24 November 2020

Full Written Update: Molkki 24/11/2020 Episode Start with Mother says Virendra didn’t accompanied them and takes only him saying he needs to converse with him. Purvi’s neighbors begins their tattling and asks where is the lucky man. Mother discloses to Purvi’s dad that Police becomes acquainted with that Molkki marriage occurring so now marriage going to occur in lodging not here in light of the fact that whenever they may come here.

Prakashi advises them to bring the required things. Purvi’s dad arranges his thugs to eliminate the enrichments once they goes out. Purvi asks where are they going. Her mom says groom has a place with rich family so they changed the marriage scene as indicated by their status. Purvi gets enthusiastic seeing her home and goes to God for her fresh start. Mother advises everybody to get in. Prakashi advises Purvi to go with her.

Vipul arrives at Purvi’s home with Police assessor and stuns seeing nobody is there. Police investigator chides him for burning through their time. One person comes there and says Purvi’s family fled from this town on the grounds that Purvi didn’t had any desire to wed Vipul. Police auditor says it’s affection matter not Molkki marriage and leaves from that point despite the fact that Vipul attempted to stop him. Prakashi and Purvi arrives at the marriage scene. Purvi hangs tight for her folks. Prakashi takes her inside saying her family will come.

Vipul becomes acquainted with that Purvi’s marriage occurring in inn. Purvi gets calmed seeing her folks. Purvi’s mom holds Purvi’s hand to guarantee her. Minister advises Prakashi to call the lucky man. Purvi’s dad demands Virendra to put cover saying it’s their town custom. Vipul chooses to stop Purvi’s marriage and leaves for the lodging.

Virendra arrives at the marriage mandap and sits next to Purvi. Vipul arrives at the inn however the safety officers doesn’t let him enter the lodging. Purvi and Virendra trades marriage wreaths. Priyu goes to clean her dress when her sibling spilled the juice on her accidentally. Vipul escapes from Security watches yet Purvi’s dad’s hooligans gets him. They beats him cruelly.

Minister advises the Virendra and Purvi to represent pheres. The couple begins the pheres. Thugs tosses Vipul. Priyu sees Vipul and stuns seeing his condition and asks who did this with him. He infirms educates her that Purvi’s Molkki marriage occurring and advises her to stop this union with spare her and swoons.

Priyu runs towards marriage mandap to stop the marriage. Cleric advises Virendra to tie the matrimonial chain on lady’s neck. Priyu was going to come clean however quits reviewing her darling and chooses to not stop this marriage so her marriage can occur with her sweetheart.

Virendra fills Purvi’s brow with vermillion and the two stuns seeing each other there. Purvi cries and runs from that point. Everybody stuns seeing that. Purvi tosses her laurel , her dad bolts the entryway and prevents her from heading outside. Her dad says he realizes that she will be cheerful after marriage that is the reason he hided this fact from her.

She inquires as to why he will wed her and asks did he made arrangement of her. He denies her allegation and says he concurred this marriage for Priyu. He says he can pass on calmly once his girls marriage occurs and he isn’t childish to make bargain his own girl.

Virendra asks didn’t Mama got some other lady of the hour than her. Mother says she has all characteristics to turn into his significant other that is the reason he choosed her. Virendra says when she can’t deal with herself how might she handle his children and his family and says he can’t live with her.

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