Molkki 23rd Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (23/11/2020)

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Molkki 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Molkki 23 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vipul gets to know the truth of Purvi’s marriage

Air Date: 23 November 2020

Full Written Update: Molkki 23/11/2020 Episode Start with She likewise reveals to her better half and Priyu to prepare. Presently Purvi will go to her home. We wont have the option to battle with her. Purvi quiets her down. Her mom asks her who will spare her from her Baba without fail; that will deal with me when you are no more. Priyu advises them to end her Bharat Milap. Didi glances great in all things.

Virender’s family goes to Purvi’s region. She sees Virender’s mom and Mama coming there. In what capacity can my union be fixed in their home? The neighbors continue glancing in stunningness. Mahesh welcomes the visitors however his significant other inquires as to whether has fixed Purvi’s Molkki. He calls her distraught. She asks him for what reason quite a rich family needs Purvi. Swear on me. Mother shouts to Mahesh. Mahesh advises his better half to quit thinking this hogwash. They head inside. Mother acclaims Purvi for his genuinely and frankness. I haven’t seen a young lady like her. His sister says this precious stone will sparkle in our home at this point. Mahesh comes clean with his better half this is. They like Purvi. There is no other explanation. Virender’s mom shares that the wedding will happen day after tomorrow. Haldi will happen tomorrow. We will have mehendi work day after tomorrow and the wedding will occur at night itself.

Purvi’s mom asks Purvi what’s disturbing her. Purvi shares that that is Virender’s family. Who did they select me for? Mahesh says they have a family member and they loved you especially in Sudha’s wedding. Priyu requests the lucky man’s image. She additionally prods Purvi that this is the thing that she needed. Purvi advises her to hush up. Mahesh considers what he will show tomorrow.

Haldi ceremonial beginnings at Purvi’s home. Mahesh is addressing Kanji Bhai. Priyu goes to give them tea. Kanji Bhai continues gazing at Priyu. She takes the phony lucky man’s photograph from her Baba and goes to show it to Purvi. Mahesh is strained yet Kanji Bhai guarantees him that this is the photograph of Virender’s sibling. He doesn’t live here. Your girl wont have the option to discover that her Molkki has been fixed.

Priyu reveals to her sister to brighten up. The person looks great. Haldi ceremonial beginnings. Purvi gets enthusiastic and cries. Vipul comes there. He sees Purvi sitting for her haldi. Mahesh sees him and gets strained. Vipul strolls towards Purvi however Mahesh mediates. What are you doing here?

Virender is pondering Sakshi. My wedding may occur with any other person yet you will consistently run my heart.

Vipul reveals to Mahesh that he had a conflict with his dad yet he needs no endowment. I will wed Purvi as quickly as possible. Kindly stop this wedding. I love her without a doubt. Mahesh inquires as to whether he has ever advised this to her. Has she ever revealed to you that she cherishes her? Vipul denies. Mahesh lies that she doesn’t adore her. She needed to wed a rich person and that has been fixed as of now. Perceive how upbeat she is! Vipul takes a gander at Purvi as she acknowledges endowments from Virender’s mom. Mahesh asks Vipul on the off chance that he could give all that to Purvi. In the event that you truly love her, at that point you ought to appeal to God for her satisfaction. Go at this point. Vipul leaves crushed. Purvi’s mom attempts to stop him however Mahesh cautions her against it.

Kanji Bhai and Mahesh are drinking around evening time. Mahesh reveals to him that he has turned his life around. I will treat everybody today. He advises the retailer to treat everybody. He serves liquor to a person. Mahesh got a lac for fixing his girl’s wedding. The person ends up being Vipul. He is stunned to discover that Purvi’s Molkki has been fixed. Purvi has no clue about it. I will advise her. He tumbles down and drops on the floor while attempting to leave.

Next morning, Virender’s mom applies haldi on Purvi’s hand to stamp the shagun. She advises Priyu to apply the best plan on Purvi’s hand. Priyu plunks down to apply mehendi to her sister.

Vipul is en route to Purvi’s home. I will come clean to Purvi at any cost today. He gets miserable as he sees her upbeat face. He shrouds when Mahesh comes there. It is hard to arrive at Purvi however I should come clean with her some way or another. He records it on a bit of paper and offers it to Guddu. Mahesh takes the note from him. Mahesh is stunned to understand it. He glances around however doesn’t see Vipul. He sends a couple of folks to deal with Vipul. Vipul chooses to attempt again at night. He discovers Purvi and Priyu sitting external their home however covers up after seeing their folks. Purvi’s mom advises Priyu to prepare Purvi pronto. Vipul considers attempting again before it gets dull. He goes to document a police report. Controller leaves with Vipul to stop the wedding.

Purvi prepares for her marriage. Her mom applies kala teeka behind her ear to avert hostile stares. Priyu gets passionate. I think I generally used to battle with you however I love you more than everything else.

Mahesh takes care of 4 men and advises them to break Vipul’s bones in the event that he attempts to come here.

Priyu approaches Navin. How would I look? He attempts to play with her however she instructs him to accompany baraat. He says it is prepared since long. Next wedding here will be our own. She grins bashfully.

Kanji Bhai calls Virender’s Mama. Somebody has announced Purvi’s Molkki to Police. They are going here. Mom says you said you will deal with it.

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