Molkki 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

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Molkki 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Molkki 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Police arrests Virendra

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Molkki 23/02/2021 Episode Start with He has crossed his cutoff points yet you are supporting him? She denies. He has trespassed yet that occurred accidentally. Rebuff him however not this. Virender calls it equity. He should kick the bucket as he has murdered Priyu. Nobody can save him. Excuse me, Ma. He leaves. Anjali faults Purvi however Mama reasons that it is Vaibhav’s bad behaviors. He wouldn’t need to see this day in the event that he had not done all that. (Prakashi) says I will address Virender. We should go to Panchayat. Mother requests that Driver bring the vehicle.

Vaibhav is brought to Panchayat. A noose has been tied there as of now. Virender’s men take Vaibhav close to the noose. They are going to cover his face with a dark fabric when his mom discloses to Virender’s men to free Vaibhav. She demands Virender to stop his men. I concur that a child can turn evil however how could a mother become evil? No mother can see her child passing on before her! Rebuff him however don’t do this. I wont have the option to live thusly. She cries. Vaibhav is attempting to free his hands. Prakashi demands Virender (as Mukhiya) to acknowledge a mother’s supplication. Virender apologizes to her. I would have been tolerant in the event that I was just your child. I was likewise the Mukhiya however. You just instructed me that Panch are Gods. Divine beings can’t settle on an off-base choice. I can’t alter my perspective all things considered. Vaibhav is just an offender in my eyes. I need to fail to remember the connection and rebuff him. Equity should be finished. I gave him such countless possibilities feeling that he will change yet things just deteriorated. Vaibhav keeps loosening the rope. Virender says he hurt Priyu and executed her. He has become a beast and a beast should be rebuffed. She demands him to save Vaibhav’s life yet he demands that this is his obligation. Prakashi demands Purvi to address Virender. He tunes in to you generally. Purvi says this is Mukhi ji’s choice. He isn’t my significant other at the present time. It isn’t in my grasp. She overlap her hands remorsefully and cries.

Virender advises his men to hang Vaibhav. Prakashi drops. Everybody gets diverted for a couple of seconds. Vaibhav figures out how to escape from that point in a vehicle. Virender and Purvi follow him in another vehicle. Prakashi acquires cognizant. They follow the vehicles too. Prakashi petitions God for Vaibhav’s life. She advises Yogi to drive quicker. The vehicle pursue proceeds. Vaibhav arrives at an impasse and turns the vehicle around in the nick of time. Virender and Yogi stop their vehicle too. Vaibhav glances around. Vaibhav points his firearm at Virender to stop everybody and flees. Virender advises Vaibhav to give up or police will slaughter him. Overseer shoots a shot noticeable all around. Vaibhav stops. His mom says Vaibhav has halted. Try not to do anything. Vaibhav encounters Virender and points his firearm at Virender. I will shoot you prior to whatever else. Everybody advises him to hold the firearm down yet he yells at everybody to hush up. He denounces his sibling for attempting to murder his sibling for a modest Molkki and her sister! Virender says you are not a sibling. You slaughtered a guiltless as well as you recruited hooligans to hurt your sibling. You have never regarded your Bhabhi till date! I just have outrage for you! I didn’t lament picking your discipline.

Vaibhav says even I don’t lament how I dealt with that uneducated. She merited that as she had destroyed my life. You are liable for it. You constrained me to wed her. She deceived everybody about the special first night episode and you trusted her lie over my fact. I was derided by the whole town as a result of you! I was even secured a cell! You saw everything unobtrusively as you never confided in your sibling. Virender says you broke it the day you assaulted Priyu. What are you discussing? Vaibhav says I lost expectations from you quite a while in the past. You are at any rate my progression sibling. You performed that responsibility truly well. Everybody reveals to him not to say as much but rather Vaibhav says today I will show you how much a stage sibling can go. He progresses towards Virender. Virender provokes him to shoot. Have you at any point utilized a firearm? Vaibhav steps on a stone and loses his equilibrium. Weapon tumbles from his hand. Virender picks it. He pushes Vaibhav behind. Give up yourself to police. Vaibhav address Purvi as Molkki. Your sister is no more. I have slaughtered her! Neither you nor your significant other can take care of business. He begins running. Vaibhav slips while running. Virender was focusing on his leg yet as Vaibhav slips, the shot hit him directly in the chest. Everybody is staggered including Virender. He drops the firearm in stun. Yogi, Anjali and Jyoti hurry to his side. Constable checks his breath. He is no more. Prakashi can’t respond. Virender is stirred up.

Ward young men remove Vaibhav. Monitor reveals to Virender that he shot his sibling before everybody so they should capture him. Virender lifts his hands. Monitor binds him. Purvi is in tears. She demands Inspector not to remove him. He wipes her tears. You need to wipe the tears of my mom who is grieving. Mukhiyayini should deal with everything when Mukhi will be away. She shakes her head. He advises her to be solid till the opportunity he returns. Keep everybody together and care for my children well. They ought not miss Babbar Sher. Everybody and everything is your duty now. I’m simply going to prison. I’m not going to kick the bucket. She covers his mouth and cries embracing him. For what reason did you do this Kanha ji? I don’t have a clue how and what will happen now. Virender reveals to her not to stress. All will be great. This is our test. We will clear it. Assessor requests that he come. She holds his hand. They remove Virender. Prakashi takes a gander at Virender. Anjali frowns at him as well. Purvi pursues the jeep for a brief period yet Virender signals her to stop.

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