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Molkki 22nd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Molkki 22 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virender Makes Vaibhav Confess His Crime

Air Date: 22 February 2021

Full Written Update: Molkki 22/02/2021 Episode Start with She sees Vaibhav appreciating with his companions. I’m concerned for Priyu ut he is by all accounts cheerful. It is the ideal chance to check his room. I may discover some piece of information about Priyu. I’m certain there is an off-putting thing here.

Vaibhav inquires as to whether they trust him now. I can trick individuals without any problem. He gets a call and heads to his space to get Aadhar Card number. Purvi is looking through Vaibhav’s room. She finds a container behind the books. She hears strides drawing closer and covers up. Vaibhav takes out his Aadhar card. He takes a gander at the bedsheet. Who wrecked it? I will grumble to Ma about the workers. He gets call from Mishra ji and offers his Aadhar Card number. Try not to stress over cash. Organize my phony identification as quickly as possible. I need to leave from here. Purvi asks why he is eager to leave. She returns inside when Vaibhav leaves. She is stunned to see firearm in the crate. Something has happened as a result of which he has been acting so peculiarly. Indeed, even Priyu is mysteriously absent. I should discover what he has done. I need to advise Mukhiya ji as no one but he can help me discover his reality.

Around evening time, Purvi goes to her room however Virender isn’t in the room. Children come in all of a sudden. We will lay down with both of you this evening. She needs to address Virender and attempts to take them to their room however they reject. We have been requested to rest here. Purvi asks them who did that. They point at Virender. She comprehends that he is doing this so she can’t address him. For what reason would you say you are hauling this matter to such an extent? Virender figures I will drag it further. You called me old. Oldies gets insane. I have become insane today. She considers his opinion about himself. Virender thinks I am your Tau’s age all things considered. That is my opinion!

Purvi and Virender contend concerning where the children will rest. Juhi says both of you are battling like guardians. Purvi discloses to Virender that it is no utilization conversing with him. He says now you will see how I am. He tells kids Purvi’s tale (about a Bawari who used to blow up without any problem).

Next morning, Purvi discloses to Virender’s mom that she wont attend a university with Virender any longer. All the young ladies realize how to drive. I will learn it as well. Virender’s mom concurs. Purvi says I will request that Driver Kaka train me. Mom flags his sister who reveals to Purvi that Virender will help her learn. Virender can’t however he waits. Juhi and Manas demand Virender to concur. Juhi winds up calling Virender Kroor Singh. Everybody chuckles. Virender’s mom says this is a decent name. manas demands his dad as well. Virender gestures. Allow me to eat in harmony now. It is alright if Bawari wont eat as she will in any case eat my head in the vehicle. Purvi thinks this is only a pardon. I need to address you about Priyu. She expresses gratitude toward Kanha ji for causing her.

Virender advises Purvi to adhere to his guidelines. She begins her training however then applies brake out of nowhere. Virender says I advised you to do it moderate. You can’t drive a vehicle! She says I wont rehash it. If it’s not too much trouble, back off of me. He advises her to zero in out and about. She is driving pleasantly yet freezes when a quickly moving vehicle draws near. He holds the controlling for her. Purvi apologizes to him. Virender says you will just continue to say sorry constantly. She says I am apprehensive I may get into a mishap. He sees her strained and switches on music. Virender requests that she switch the gear. She stalls out on impartial so he keeps his hand over hers to switch gear. They share an eye lock. A truck comes in front unexpectedly and they turn the vehicle around. They hit a corner. Residents look inside. Virender reveals to them that they are fine. He next goes to Purvi. I can’t show you how to drive. I can do anything besides not this! Could you not see the hedge? She says you held my hand out of nowhere so I got occupied. He says I did that to help you switch the gear. I loath clasping hands of little youngsters. Purvi asks him for what valid reason he is stuck on that. I concur that I committed an error. I need to talk about something significant also. he says we need to send the vehicle for fix. He requests that Surender bring the vehicle quickly.

Give up discloses to Virender that the vehicle will require a day. Virender concurs. Drop it at home once done. Surender gestures. Purvi sees Vaibhav’s vehicle there. Virender asks her what she is taking a gander at. She focuses at the vehicle. Virender gets some information about the vehicle. Surender says it met with a mishap and will set aside some effort to fix. He gives him what was left in the vehicle. Virender considers how Vaibhav is sound. Surender gives Priyu’s chain to Virender. Purvi remembers it. I’m certain something isn’t right. He guarantees her that she will be fine. Purvi says this is the thing that I have been attempting to advise you yet you are annoyed with me. You ought to tune in to others now and again. He advises her to proceed. She reveals to him everything (in quiet). For what reason is Priyu’s chain in Vaibhav’s vehicle in the event that he took Priyu in his companion’s vehicle? She sees Sudha there and inquires as to whether all is well. Sudha acquaints her with Aayushi. She saw something 4 days prior. Aayushi shares that Vaibhav and Priyu were in the vehicle. Priyu was yelling for help and Vaibhav covered her mouth. Priyu says I revealed to you that Vaibhav was lying. I’m stressed for Priyu. Virender guarantees her that he will cause Vaibhav to admit everything now. They head home.

Vaibhav gets a call from his companion. Much appreciated brother. I could get a phony visa as a result of you. I will arrive at Delhi in 2 hours and from there on I will leave the country!

Virender advises Purvi to call Ma and put it on speaker. Virender addresses his mom. Keep Vaibhav at home as it were. Virender’s mom shares that he left 10-12 minutes back. Is everything fine? Virender gestures. Purvi considers how they will catch him and get some answers concerning Priyu. Virender chooses to get him on his approach to Delhi Airport. I wont save him.

Vaibhav advises the driver to drive quick. Driver says we may get into a mishap. Vaibhav advises him to stop his jabber.

Virender’s vehicle stalls out as a result of sheep. He advises the shepherd to move them aside.

Vaibhav overlooks his mom’s call.

Purvi implores that Vaibhav ought not will disappear.

Vaibhav addresses his mom the subsequent time.

Purvi sees a vehicle drawing closer there and contemplates whether Vaibhav is inside. Virender stops his vehicle before that one. Vaibhav chastens the driver yet driver focuses at Virender’s vehicle. Virender goes up against Vaibhav. Vaibhav lies again yet gets slapped. Purvi demands Vaibhav to come clean with them. We discovered this chain in your vehicle. Vaibhav demands that she is in Haridwar. I dropped her home myself. He attempts to run however Virender’s men don’t allow him to leave. Virender slaps him once more. I wont let you even move from here till the time you come clean with me. Vaibhav apologizes to him. I deceived him yet it wasn’t purposeful. We met with a mishap and! Purvi gets some information about Priyu. Virender advises Vaibhav to confess all at this point. Vaibhav comes clean with them. Sudha holds Purvi. Vaibhav folds his hand. Priyu may in any case be alive. I looked through the whole wilderness however I was unable to discover her body. Virender teaches his men to secure Vaibhav a room. He ought not have the option to run now. Virender’s men remove him.

Virender guarantees Purvi that Priyu will be fine. Perhaps an ancestral discovered her and took her in. she overlap her hands and demands him to discover Priyu. He discloses to her not. She was your sister and I did her kanyadaan. We will discover her. He educates police. Purvi is in tears.

Search party is shipped off the wilderness. Purvi, Virender and Sudha have tagged along. Purvi is feeling bleary eyed. Sudha holds her. Virender gives her water. Investigator reveals to them that they have not had the option to discover Priyu. There are wild creatures here. Possibly one of them ate her. Purvi drops. They sprinkle water on her.

Purvi awakens with a beginning in her room and starts crying. Children inquire as to whether she is fine. Virender’s mom comforts her. Purvi continues to talk about Priyu. Children go outside hesitantly when Virender guarantees them that he will care for haathi. Everybody leaves. Virender sits close to Purvi who wont quit crying. He taps her head. She holds his hand. You guaranteed me that you wont let anything happen to her. Where is she, Mukhi ji? He says don’t consider me that at this point. I vowed to ensure you however I dint realize that my sibling will end up being a beast. I was unable to secure her. Kindly excuse me. I guarantee you I wont save him. Rewari’s Panchayat will rebuff him. As Mukhiya, I am disclosing to you since he will eb hanged till death. I wont pardon him for how he has dealt with Priyu. Anjali has caught it and gets strained.

Anjali goes to offer water to Vaibhav. He watches blew a gasket. Anjali mentions to him what Virender has chosen. He drops the glass in stun. Anjali says tomorrow will be the latest day of your life. She leaves. Vaibhav takes out the firearm.

Next morning, Virender’s men are taking Vaibhav when their mom requests to know where they are taking him. Virender’s men put Vaibhav in the vehicle. He takes a gander at the firearm around his abdomen. Virender reveals to her that they are taking him to Panchyat.

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