Molkki 21 July 2021 Episode Written Update (21/07/2021)

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Molkki 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Molkki 21 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Will Purvi Do Nandini’s Kanyadaan?

Air Date: 21 July 2021

Full Written Update: Molkki 21/07/2021 Episode Start with Juhi requests that she illuminate Virendra that Kids need to go to Nanthini’s marriage then he will give consent without a doubt. Purvi reveals to her that thought is acceptable yet she isn’t sure that Virendra will listen her. She hears Sudha’s voice and requests that Kids play then, at that point leaves the room. Veer reveals to Sudha that he needs her assistance and takes her to his room and shows the gems to her expression that he isn’t understanding that what to blessing Nanthini for her marriage. She picks one gem.

Purvi gets some information about Sudha and discovers that Sudha went to Veer’s room with him and marvels that why Sudha went to Veer’s room. Veer requests that Sudha wear that accessory and discloses to her that it’s solid on her and he will offer it to Nanthini this one as it were. Purvi comes there and takes Sudha from that point. Veer feels that he will go to Nanthini’s marriage regardless. Sudha discloses to Purvi that the last ought to go to Nanthini’s union with win her heart.

Virendra feels that he very surely understands about Chaudhary but since of his sweet words everybody believes that he is acceptable man and regardless of what he will not allow them to ruin Nanthini’s life. Purvi comes there and he hollers at her colloquialism that he will not converse with her. Chaudhary’s staff visits Virendra’s home and gives desserts and marriage greeting card to Virendra. Virendra tears the card and requests that they educate Chaudhary that this marriage will not occur. Purvi imagines that she has no clue about that how Virendra will deal with stop the marriage.

Aarav and Nanthini prepares. Nanthini gets cheerful seeing Veer. Veer prods her then, at that point offers blessing to her. Nanthini likes it and expresses gratitude toward him for coming. Purvi likewise comes there and Nanthini blows up seeing her and asks her that what the last doing there. Purvi advises her to delay the marriage for few days in light of the fact that Virendra may do anything out of resentment. Nanthini asks her that for what reason he need to annihilate her satisfaction.

Aarav asks her that for what reason Virendra isn’t understanding that he cherishes Nanthini so much and when his dad can acknowledge their relationship failing to remember the animosity why can’t Virendra do likewise. Nanthini discloses to him that Virendra is narrow minded and he couldn’t care less about others and assuming Sakshi was here, she would have halted Virendra.

Virendra and his staff arrives at the marriage setting with weapons and breaks every one of the things and marvels that where is everybody. Minister educates Virendra that Chaudhary changed the marriage setting at end second. Virendra ponders that who educated Chaudhary about his appearance. Chaudhary reviews that how Purvi requested that he change the marriage scene.

Purvi and Kids prepares to go to Nanthini’s marriage. Virendra orders his staff to discover the marriage setting. Cleric asks that who will do ‘kanyadhaan’. Purvi reveals to him that she will do Nanthini’s ‘kanyadhaan’. Juhi and Manas embraces Nanthini and reveals to her that Purvi conflicted with Virendra.

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