Modi’s big announcement for poor families


New Delhi: The term of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana is now being extended till November. In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country’s first priority during the lockout was to ensure that no fireplace was lit in the homes of the poor. Whether it is the central government, the state governments, the people of civil society, everyone has tried to ensure that none of our poor brothers and sisters go hungry in such a big country.

“In a way, our government has given free food to two and a half times more people than the total population of the United States,” Modi said. This is 12 times the population of the United Kingdom and twice the population of the European Union. The system is now being rolled out until the end of November.

PM Modi said that in the last three months, Rs 31 crore has been directly deposited in the public accounts of 200 million poor families in the country. During this period, Rs 18,000 crore has been deposited in the bank accounts of more than 90 million farmers of the country. The government has made all arrangements so that the poor and downtrodden do not suffer in this corona crisis.

PM Modi said that whether the country or the individual, taking timely decisions, taking decisions in a sensitive manner, increases the strength to face any crisis. So the government came up with the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Scheme immediately after the lockout. It is now being extended to November. Under this, arrangements are being made to ensure that 800 million people in the country do not have food problems.


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