Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (11/11/2019)

Meri Hanikarak Biwi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update, Meri Hanikarak Biwi November 11,2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Updates

Episode Air Date : 11 November 2019 (11/11/2019)

Written Update :

The Episode begins with Mishri getting Rita home. Rita says I needed to discuss Mishri’s folks about kids’ day. Mishri says they will be happy to meet. She goes to call them. Pushpa goes to get something uncommon for Rita. Mishri thinks who has bolted Akhilesh inside. She opens the entryway. He asks did you lock the entryway. She says don’t have the foggiest idea. He says perhaps Ira did this, she is making me bizarre garments and bolted me, what befell her. She requests that he come and meet her class educator Rita. Pushpa asks Rita to have ghee laddoos. Rita says no, it will put on weight. Devina says you can get intriguing vegs for her. Pushpa asks what. Devina says I will educate you. Mishri presents Akhilesh. He asks how are you, if you don’t mind sit.

Rita says I m fine. He says Mishri said you needed to discuss kids’ day. Rita says truly, its an astonishment for kids. Akhilesh asks Mishri to perceive what Pushpa is doing. He asks what’s the shock. Rita says we intended to cause youngsters’ folks to play out this time. Her saree pallu takes off. Akhilesh gets stunned and gazes at her. Apne deewane ka… .plays… . He gets being a tease. He says I can move on your fingers in the event that you state, would you like to test my ability. She asks what would you be able to do. He says gives up upstairs, I will show a demo. He gazes at her back. Tune maari entriyaan… .plays… He moves. He takes her to room. She requests that he state what would he be able to do. He bolts the entryway and says I can do anything. He is a tease once more. He holds her nearby. She requests that he leave her. He holds her hand and says I likewise prefer to consider. She says you are nauseating. He stops her. He envisions hitting the dance floor with her on Tumhe jo maine dekha… ..

Ira says Bajrangi is futile, to what extent will I lock Akhilesh like this. Mishri says I was searching for you. Ira says I went out to shop, what occurred. Pushpa says Mishri’s teacher has come. Ira asks did she get back home, where is she. Pushpa says she was staying here, where did she go. Mishri says perhaps she went to talk. Ira thinks God help us, Akhilesh might be… . Akhilesh says I will take you to ride in paradise. He tumbles down on bed. Remote button plays some bhajan. Rita reproves him and goes. She sees Ira and says your significant other is such a modest man. Akhilesh gets typical and thinks how could I come here. Rita asks how might he do this with his girl’s educator, what will kids learn, say something. Pushpa asks what are you saying, what did Akhilesh do.

Rita says Akhilesh took me to room and afterward he … .. She tells everything. Pushpa, Devina and Ira get stunned. Pushpa covers Mishri’s ears. She snickers and says for what reason are you making us aprils trick. Devina says Akhilesh is so great esteemed that he can’t do this with his significant other as well. Rita says why not trust me, he contacted me and talked modest things. Akhilesh comes and asks what are you saying, are you not embarrassed, my better half, little girl and family are here. Rita asks am I lying, you have no ability than talking such modest things. Ira likewise admonishes Rita and takes her to the room. Pushpa asks what occurred. Akhilesh inquires as to for what reason will I do this. Ira says please Akhilesh doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his ailment, don’t make a scene, simply leave. Rita says fine. Ira says sorry. She chastens Rita for accusing such a not too bad man, he resembles Ram ji, get out. Rita says disturbing and goes.

Akhilesh asks Mishri does such instructors show you, I will stop her and we will clear the issue, she is accusing me. Ira says I don’t need you to meet her, avoid here, she will express awful words once more, come, we will plan for puja. Pushpa asks Devina to come. Its night, everybody does puja. He asks you believe me right. Ira sees him and thinks I m liable for this, pardon me, its not your shortcoming. Ira says obviously, I confide in you, I will light diyas and come. She goes. Dr. Bajrangi comes and says Dr. Ira, I got an answer for your significant other’s concern, you can follow him whenever by utilizing these tracker, you need to wear one tracker and make him wear another tracker. She asks are you a specialist or watch sales rep. She says its brief arrangement, 20000rs for the two trackers. She admonishes him. He says fine, I m giving it for nothing. She requests that he take care of the issue. He says fine, I will proceed to come soon. She says I need to utilize this starting at now.

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