Meri Gudiya 6th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (6/3/2020)

Meri Gudiya Written Update

Meri Gudiya 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Meri Gudiya 6 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Madhuri Finds Avi

Air Date: 6 March 2020

Full Written Update: Meri Gudiya 6/3/2020 Episode Start with Madhuri checking on Guru ji’s words and hurling sindoor at Krohini. Krohini takes Avi. Madhuri hollers Avi. Avi says let me down. Krohini drops her down. Avi rebukes her. Krohini says we are colleagues, you can make the kids mates. Avi says such enormous eggs. Krohini says these are my youngsters, make appropriate colleague. Avi smiles. A youngster crow get delivered from the egg. Avi says astonishing, and hails. Another egg hatches. Avi says staggering, another newborn child crow. Krohini smiles and goes to the crows.

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She says they will grow up and become like me, what happened. Avi says I m missing mumma, let me go. Krohini says don’t move, I have to get her shadow, when sun is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Avi’s shadow appears. Krohini sends a crest. It takes Avi’s shadow. Krohini thinks presently just tear is left. She asks did you get melancholy. Avi says I have to go to mumma. Krohini says you may cry well in case you need, I will take you to your mumma. Avi cries. Krohini says don’t cry, I will wipe your tears. She takes her tear. She figures I achieved my work, I need her negligent, I have to pass out her. Madhuri looks for Avi.

She finds Krohini’s plumes. She runs in the wild. Krohini says don’t be disastrous, play with babies for a long time. Avi smiles and invites newborn child crows. Krohini figures Rahu will make me sovereign of crows in case I offer Avi to him. Madhuri hollers Avi. Avi says its mumma’s voice. Krohini says I will take you to her, come and play with babies.

Madhuri hollers Avi. She sees Avi. Krohini sees Madhuri coming. Krohini says this perhaps not your mum. Avi says she is my mum. Krohini ambushes Madhuri. Madhuri alerts her to not contact Avi. Krohini laughs and says you can’t do anything. Madhuri hurls sindoor at her. Krohini uses her powers. Madhuri’s sindoor expends her powers. Krohini stresses. Avi says stop mumma, generously don’t beat her, she is moreover a mumma, she has two kids, they are my friends, look at them, they are wonderful, Chintu and Mintu, you indicated me not to beat anyone’s mumma, pardon her, see how hopeless she can’t avoid being, she is expressing sorry.

Madhuri keeps down the sindoor. She says this time I m leaving you, I m moreover a mum, Avi has seen various troubles, in case you contact Avi, by then I will pardon everything. Krohini says sorry, this won’t happen again, I will wind up being a not too bad mum. Avi grasps Madhuri and says I m fine, I will say bye to sidekicks. Madhuri and Avi leave. Rahu comes to Krohini and says very much done, I found out about an elevating news, your little adolescents, where is my inspiring news, Avi’s tear is Rahu’s elation, Avi’s shadow is Rahu’s light, let me know, else I will make this your misery. Krohini says I m sorry, I can’t give it.

Rahu asks what did you say. She says I took in the essentialness of mum, Madhuri could have killed me successfully, anyway she didn’t do it, since she was worried for my kids, by then how wouldn’t I have the option to worry for her child, I m in like manner a mum, sorry.

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