Meri Gudiya 4th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (4/3/2020)

Meri Gudiya Written Update

Meri Gudiya 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Meri Gudiya 4 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Madhuri faces challenge at the breakfast table

Air Date: 4 March 2020

Full Written Update: Meri Gudiya 4/3/2020 Episode Start with

Avi arousing and sees Krohini. She says you are the tooth pixie right. Krohini says yes. She thinks Avi thinks I m a tooth pixie, she will give me her tooh herself. Madhuri creates a note for Avi and says you required a gift, I have stuffed it well, you will be glad to see this. Avi asks as to for what reason are you so dull. Krohini changes her structure. Avi says its right now. She asks would I have the option to reach you and see. She gets in touch with her and says you aren’t dim, for what reason is your dress dull.

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Krohini says there is a great deal of pollution, I have started from far. Avi gives her the tooth and solicitations that her continue to get the gift soon. Madhuri comes in the room. Krohini takes off. Madhuri asks Avi what’s happening. Avi says tooth pixie came and said she will get the present for me. Madhuri gets the dull plume and asks was she dim in concealing. Avi says first dim and a short time later white. Madhuri says she won’t return now, she has quite recently given you the gift, keep it here and read the card.

Adrika asks Ratri to be with Raghav. Ratri says we stay as two untouchables in the room, I m not his better half, just a commitment. Rahu comes and says commitment will transform into a response for commitment, if Raghav thinks you are his commitment, by then who is your commitment, Avi is your commitment. Ratri says yet Madhuri has come to Avi, she doesn’t disregard anyone with Avi. He says by then make her away. Avi and Madhuri go to eat. Rahu says I have no hostility with Madhuri, I can’t see your trouble. Madhuri asks Avi to have sustenance. Avi demands that her have sustenance. She asks Raghav to demand that her eat. Raghav asks Madhuri to sit and eat. Madhuri surveys Guru ji’s words. Avi demands that her eat it. Madhuri gets dazed seeing a cockroach in the plate.

Rahu’s head appears and says eat it, you are a soul, you can eat anything, don’t pressure, just you can see me, no one else. She cries. He says they all are alive, just you are the dead one, recognize me. Madhuri cries. The cockroach takes off. Madhuri eats the sandwich. She hacks and feels hurt. Raghav looks at her. Ratri comes and sees them. He leaves for office. Rahu giggles on Madhuri. He evaporates. Madhuri takes Avi with her. Adrika comes in her way and drops the juice on her saree. She says so lamented, your saree got hurt. Ratri smiles. Madhuri thinks I have to reach Pavitra jal to save myself and Avi. She asks Avi to go, she will basically change and come. Ratri signs Adrika.

Rahu looks on. Madhuri goes to her room and gets the water. She applies on it. She says the water got less, I have to find some way, what will I do. She says I will change and come, I can’t dismiss Avi. She goes to change the pieces of clothing. Adrika looks her. Madhuri is darted up. She sees Krohini. She runs making a course for find Avi. She shows up at the school and gets some data about Avi. She sees Avi and goes to grasp her. She asks as to for what reason are you not playing. Avi says I wasn’t feeling much improved. She asks Avi to play with her. She makes the kids play also. She asks Avi to cover now. Krohini comes and says this time, there won’t be any marvel. She ambushes Avi. Avi shouts for help. Madhuri doesn’t see Krohini and her crows.

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