Meri Gudiya 23rd Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (23/12/2019)

Meri Gudiya Written Update

Meri Gudiya 23rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Meri Gudiya 23 December 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Madhuri meets with a car accident while going to Avi’s school

Air Date: 23 December 2019

Full Written Update: Meri Gudiya 23/12/2019 Episode Start with Madhuri is conversing with her mum and communicated her dread about the whole happenings. She says as indicated by the Hindu schedule, I will go to the mahavir sanctuary and will finish my circles on the eve of my little girl’s birthday. She says possibly this can facilitate the dread in my brain with respect to everything. She asks her mom that I give all of you so much strain? She says let me proceed to make a few treats for her.

Madhuri gets a call from her significant other and she is conversing with him and requests to return home soon. He asks her is everything alright at house or if Avi is fine? Madhuri says all is well in the house and it’s simply that I simply need to in house soon. Madhuri is in kitchen and making treats for her girl when rajshree digs out from a deficit and she is viewing Madhuri with tricky eyes. Madhuri says I was simply making espresso for myself and furthermore getting ready treats for my little girl.

Madhuri tastes the espresso from the cup made by Ratri. While she is thinking as a top priority that do spoil your little girl as much as you can until further notice in light of the fact that after at some point your girl will lose her mom and this bond between both of you will get broken. Madhuri is approaching Ratri is your motivation served for Shimla? Rajshri says possibly after at some point it will be finished. Madhuri is conversing with her significant other and he says that I am setting off to the room of my girl you come there with your espresso and treats. Madhuri’s mom is going to the God that please deal with my Madhuri and her little girl Avi and get them far from all the stink eyes.

In a parallel spot, the tantriks are doing their contemplation and says with the grahan of Sun the demise of the mother will happen and we will go close to our objective. Madhuri is en route and he calls Raghav and says I will go to get Avi from school. She by one way or another arrives at the Temple and says I need to finish 1001 circles around the tree inside this thirty minutes before anything shrewdness can happen in the sanctuary region. abhi is hanging tight for her mom in the school that she will come to get her yet she is in the sanctuary.

Avi is hanging tight for her mom in the school while on the opposite side Madhuri falls while taking circles. She by one way or another incapable to finish the last two circles for her girl and she goes to the Guruji and says I couldn’t finish the circles and this shroud came as somebody’s last occasions. She hurries to spare her little girl Avi and finds the driver is absent in the vehicle and she attempts to call him however he is inaccessible. She recalls the expressions of the minister and gets stressed for her girl. She chooses to drive the vehicle independent from anyone else to connect with her girl. She is having a discussion with her better half Raghav and he is stating that what is the requirement for you to drive the vehicle in solitude you could have educated me and I will come there.

Madhuri is driving the vehicle and is feeling and tingling in her grasp and all of a sudden she saw that her left hand is turning blue and she recalls that three tied an armlet in her grasp the previous evening. She recalls the expression of rajshree and all of a sudden a few children comes before her vehicle and she moves the gazing an alternate way. She some way or another pulls the break of the vehicle and stops it before it can hit those children however then she saw a truck from an alternate course legitimately comes and hits her vehicle. The vehicle flipped out and about and crashed into a tree and the blood concealed hand of Madhuri leaves the vehicle.

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