Mere Sai 8 October 2021 Episode Written Update (8/10/2021)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Mere Sai 8th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Raghav Has A Change Of Heart

Air Date: 8 October 2021

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 8/10/2021 Episode Start with Sai is dozing. Raghav opens his eyes and leaves from Dwarkamai subtly. He is holding up at a detached corner when Sarkar shouts to him. Sarkar and Major Billy come there all at once. Raghav says I was made a beeline for your home. Imagine a scenario where somebody see us here. Sarkar tells him not to stress. Let us know His arrangement. Raghav tells them (in quiet). Sarkar acclaims Raghav on his work and gives him something. Leave Shirdi immediately. Raghav says thanks to him. Sarkar and Major Billy leave. Raghav turns and is surprised to see Sai remaining behind him. Sai inquires as to whether it is directly in his eyes to win somebody’s trust and break it. Raghav says I did what I thought was correct. I had no other alternative. Pardon me yet you wont have the option to comprehend my explanation.

Sai says I do see yet do you understand the situation of nationalists. Raghav asks Him how somebody can comprehend another person’s aggravation when his child is in intolerable agony. Everybody wouldn’t treat my child. Sarkar gave to regard my child as a trade off of some data. I have the medication now. If it’s not too much trouble, let me go at this point. My better half and child are hanging tight for me. He goes to go when Sai lets him know that his child has recuperated. Raghav pivots in shock. Sai says your child got the medication. Raghav gazes upward and sees his better half coming there with their child. He gets some information about their child. She says he is fine at this point. Sai treated him. He has completely recuperated now. Raghav feels terrible. You realized that I was tricking you yet you helped me? Sai says I just saw your powerlessness. It isn’t on the whole correct to hurt another person for your predicament.

Raghav mourns that he couldn’t ever have done this on the off chance that he knew it about Him. I have bamboozled you and our country. Excuse me if conceivable. Sai favors them and leaves. Raghav’s significant other offers that Sai has requested to offer udi to their child for a whole month. You should bring more udi. Raghav asks her how he will confront Sai. I realize that Sai and everybody will abhor me for my misstep. I wish I could redress my misstep by one way or another. Santa Clause and Banta stop Raghav. You needed to offer information to Sarkar. For what reason would you say you are so late? Raghav starts to clarify when Santa cuts him mid sentence. Sarkar and Major Billy are becoming annoyed. Raghav ponders who he had met before in case they weren’t Sarkar and Major Billy. He opens the top of the pot and notification udi.

He understands that it was Sai in Sarkar and Major Billy’s symbol prior. He makes up a story for Santa and Banta. They head back frustrated. Raghav expresses gratitude toward Sai for welcoming him on the correct way and from doing anything against their country.

Sai grins. Next morning, residents are enhancing their home for Dussehra. Ravan’s representation has been set up also. Baizama applies turmeric on Maan Singh’s brow. Tatya’s face is covered with turmeric as well. Baizama is passionate. She lets Maan Singh know that she had become exceptionally affectionate for him in these 2 days yet she can’t be childish at this moment. I’m sending you off to deal with our homeland. I’m certain you will accomplish your central goal with Sai’s endowments. Maan Singh says I lost everything in that occurrence however at that point destiny brought me here. I discovered my family by and by in Shirdi. I’m happy that I am leaving Shirdi with such countless relations. He contacts her feet. She favors him. Tatya checks outside first to ensure there is no police around. Baizama and Rambha look on worriedly.

Keshav is with Raghav. He asks why Sai has requested that they wear same garments. He sees Tatya and Maan Singh coming there is comparable clothing and is shocked. Tatya lets him know something. They leave together. Sarkar and Police are watching townspeople eagerly as they celebrate. Their appearances are covered with turmeric or yellow tone. Significant Billy is becoming upset and questions Sarkar why his government operative hasn’t come here till now. Sarkar says every one of the people who approach the Fakir change abruptly for reasons unknown. He can trick everybody except not me. We will get Maan Singh at any expense today! Tatya, Raghav, Maan Singh and Keshav check out Sarkar and officials. Tatya comments that they need to make Maan Singh a piece of this group.

How might we get it going? Sai comes there all at once. He takes a gander at them and afterward at Sarkar. Tatya says this is the ideal opportunity. We should go to Sai. Tatya and Maan Singh blend in with the group while Keshav and Bheema approach Sai. Sarkar and Major Billy’s eyes are stuck on Sai. Sai strolls towards the group. A symbol is kept in the middle. Sai and Maan Singh remain across one another. Sai tells Maan Singh the time has come. Prepare. Flashback shows Udhav let everybody know that the banner is gone to one individual during the custom. That individual should stroll in and out of town holding the banner. He will take it however wont return. Flashback closes. Maan Singh tells Sai he is concerned that Khandoba ji may get upset if the banner isn’t returned. Sai lets him know that Khandoba ji will favor him for serving his country.

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