Mere Sai 3rd Dec 2020 Episode Written Update (03/12/2020)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Mere Sai 03 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Purna And Mohan Get Married

Air Date: 03 December 2020

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 03/12/2020 Episode Start with  Ratna Kaki  has stopped eating as well. She has been in pain since morning. We are unable to pacify her. I am worried that something might happen to her. Please do something. Sai tells her to calm down. Go home. I will bring udi for your cow. Ratna Kaki agrees and heads back home. Chandu comes running to Dwarkamai next. My cousin brother and his son have come over. My nephew isn’t keeping well. Please come with me asap or we might lose him. Udhav and another guy look on.

Sai tells him not to worry and sends him home. I will come soon. Chandu nods. Sai packs some udi in a leaf and is all set to leave when Udhav asks him if he is going to Kaka’s home. Ratna Kaki came to you first. Their problems are serious. Who will you help first? Sai replies that he is able to help only those who Ram ji wants to be helped. He leaves. Udhav says Sai always lives by his word. He never does this. The other guy says no one can understand what Sai does. They see Ratna Kaki going somewhere and tell her that Sai would come to her home asap. They share that Chandu Kaka came after you left.

Kaki says Sai is in our home. He told me to bring this medicine. I am going home with that only. She leaves. Udhav is all the more puzzled. Sai never leaves anyone hanging in the middle. The other guy suggests going there to check themselves. Sai mixes udi in water and applies on the cow’s wounds. Om Sai plays. Another lady standing there thanks Sai for coming here on time. We couldn’t handle her. Udhav and the other guy come there as well.

Sai talks to the cow. You have been through enough pain already. Udhav says it means Sai fulfilled the promise he made to Kaki but what about Chandu Kaka. The other guy says I am sure Sai will go there after this. Hope Kaka wont go back to Dwarkamai to look for Sai. Let’s go there to tell him this. Sai smiles. Udhav and the other guy come to Chandu’s house and find the situation normal. They tell Chandu not to worry. Sai will come soon. Chandu says he is massaging my nephew’s head inside. He takes them inside.

Udhav and the other guy are in shock. Sai explains the reason behind the boy’s cough. That’s why I told Chandu to remove it. Udhav and the other guy fold their hands. We have been watching you since years but we keep forgetting what you are capable of. Sai says I had to follow Ram ji’s wish. He gives me the strength. I become weak wherever he becomes feeble. He blesses the boys. It is Purna and Mohan’s wedding day. They both are seated in the mandap. Purna smiles shyly at Mohan. Purna asks about Sai. Everyone realises that Sai is nowhere to be seen. Sai is leaving for some place hurriedly when Bheema asks him if he is going to the wedding. Sai denies. There is another important thing to do. I will be late. Bheema watches Sai in confusion.

Purna and Mohan exchange garlands. Everyone is happy. Purna wonders why Sai hasn’t come till now. Sai is in the jungle. The couple takes 7 pheras. Mohan starts sweating profusely. Everyone claps as they complete the pheras.  Sai is looking for some herbs when Manik greets him. Sai shares that he has to make medicine for someone. I need 5 herbs to make it. Manik offers to help him. Sai gets two ingredients from him. Sai offers to look for the other things himself. I also need a plant whose flower blossoms after every 5 years. I need that flower.

Manik offers to accompany him but Sai tells him to do his work. We have to do our bit individually. Thank you for the ingredients. Manik nods. The newlyweds seek everyone’s blessings. Purna and Raghupati share an emotional hug. Purna keeps looking around for Sai. Why hasn’t he come? Sai continues looking for the ingredients in the jungle.  Chihu Tai brings food for Sai. She only finds Udhav in Dwarkamai. Where is Sai? Udhav shares that he wasn’t here when he came here. Chihu Tai says he dint even come to the wedding. She gets worried. Sai collects the ingredients.

Savitri does Purna’s grahpravesh. She gives the responsibilities of the house to Purna and Gangadhar tells her that he is giving her his weakness (Mohan) to take care of. We often argue but they are based on love. It involves concern for each other. We keep thinking about each other throughout the day. We cannot bear it when we feel that the other person is making a mistake. That’s how an argument starts but it creates no rift in our relation. We still love each other deeply. The sole mission of my life is based around his happiness.

I have fulfilled his every wish, his every need till date. Just think that I am giving you my life. He hugs Mohan. Take care of him always and keep him happy. May God bless you both! Digambar looks on. Sai has collected all the ingredients. I only have to look for that flower now. Purna brings kheer for everyone. Gangadhar and Savitri praise her. Digambar tells Gangadhar to give an offering of gold crown for Ma for Mohan’s wedding. Mohan disagrees. We have spent enough money in the wedding. Digambar tells him not to think of expenses when it comes to God. It is inauspicious.

Gangadhar says Guru ji is saying it for our benefit only. We will do it. Purna tells Mohan to agree with Baba. This family will be blessed after this offering. Why bother Guru ji for this though? Aayi said that we should go outside to travel. Let’s go to Bombay so we can do it ourselves. Digambar thinks this girl has turned everything around. Mohan agrees with Purna. You have asked for something for the first time since you became the DIL of this house. Gangadhar praises Purna. You are really lucky for our family. Mohan agreed with Guru ji’s idea so easily. Now he wont have to travel there. Everything is sorted. Mohan says that’s why I chose Purna.

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