Mere Sai 2nd Dec 2020 Episode Written Update (02/12/2020)

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Mere Sai 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Mere Sai 02 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Digambar Makes Gangadhar Throws The Medicines Away

Air Date: 02 December 2020

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 02/12/2020 Episode Start with Raghupati is all the more grateful to them. Digambar is uncomfortable as things will become nasty for him once Purna will become the DIL of this house. Mohan has been against me since the beginning and has become aggressive now. They will slowly accept Sai as their Guru as well. Purna notices his worried face and walks up to him. You don’t seem happy at all as you know that my entry in that house will mark your exit. You have no powers or you could have killed me already. It proves that you have no powers. You know nothing except scaring people. Mohan takes Purna outside to speak to her in private.

We will get married after 15 days and exchange our vows but I want another vow from you. I want you to forgive Digambar and follow his order. He matters to my parents a lot. She says they will be happier when we will get rid of Digambar. He is a fake! Mohan tells her to understand. My parents will think we are against Digambar. She tells him to break the relation if this is what he expects from her. He tells her that he is happy to hear that her faith is unwavering. I am in a government job. I want to make people aware of such phoneys. I want you to help me in this mission. We will start from here and spread this idea in every corner from the world. She promises to support him in this mission.

Chihu Tai is in Dwarkamai. Purna and Raghupati come to meet Sai. They greet Chihu Tai. She shares that he has gone somewhere. Raghupati shares the good news with Purna. Chihu Tai congratulates them. Raghupati says I never expected an alliance from such a big family. Mohan chose Purna on his own. He goes to give invitations to others while Purna sits down with Chihu Tai. Chihu Tai teases Purna. You chose a guy for yourself and dint tell me. Purna is all shy. I did not choose anyone. Chihu Tai continues teasing her. If it’s not your choice then I will be honest with you. She lies about a rich guy in Nashik.

Purna says how I can say no when Baba has said yes. It is good that Baba and Sai are in Shirdi. Chihu Tai tells her that she will roam the world with her choice. Purna says this is my world. Chihu Tai threatens her with household chores. There is money on the other hand. Purna admits that being with Mohan will mean more than any amount of money. She goes quiet realising what she just said. She notices Sai there. Chihu Tai smiles and tells Sai about Purna and Mohan’s alliance. I just got her to admit that she likes Mohan equally. Sai gets serious. Purna asks Sai to bless her. Sai says may God give you strength to fulfil your every wish. Purna calls him her God and touches his feet. He tells her he is always with her and will always be with her. Purna and Chihu Tai smile.

Mohan is going somewhere when Sai asks him about his health. Are you taking medicine regularly? Our healthy is of utmost priority to us. Only a healthy person can take care of someone! Promise me that you will take your medicines without fail. Mohan promises him. Mohan reaches home at night and takes medicine. He is exhausted and his head is hurting.Raghupati brings jewellery and new clothes for Purna. Gangadhar has made the silver coconut and gives it to Digambar. Mohan is not at all happy to see it but he does not react this time. Mohan takes his medicine but his head is still heavy.

Next morning, there are preps going on in the backyard of Gangadhar’s house. Mohan is looking at the jewellery. Savitri asks him to sleep now. You have to wake up early morning. Mohan yawns. Where is Baba? Savitri shares that he has gone out with guru ji for a havan. They will come back anytime now. Mohan thinks I will see till when Digambar can fool Baba. He gets up but the weather turns bad. Savitri remarks that it is too windy today. Mohan calls it a normal change and goes to his room. Savitri feels restless. Sai is looking at the kund in Dwarkamai.

Savitri goes outside in the backyard. Mohan is about to take his medicine when he hears his mother calling for help. He leaves the medicine on the bed and rushes outside. Sai gets tensed.The holdings dug in the ground get loose. Mohan holds one of them and signals his mother to bring something. She brings an iron rod. Mohan digs a hole to place it back in the ground. Sai stands tensed in Dwarkamai. Mohan looks drained as he goes back to his room. He falls flat on the bed. I dint take medicine. I am so tired that I don’t feel like getting up now. He tries getting up but falls back on the bed. He decides to rest a little first. I will take the medicine later. Sai leaves from Dwarkamai immediately.

Digambar and Gangadhar are almost home. They see Sai coming as well and wonder why he is here at this hour. Digambar tells Gangadhar that this Fakir is trying to fuel Mohan against you. Dint you notice how Mohan has stopped listening to you since he met Sai. Gangadhar says people of Shirdi believe in him and call him God. He hasn’t said anything against you. Digambar calls it a plan. he is using your son to get a hold of you. You have made Mohan such a big guy and he is trying to use him against you! Gangadhar asks Sai if everything is fine. Sai expresses his wish to meet Mohan. Gangadhar says he has to wake up early tomorrow. He would have fallen asleep. I will send him tomorrow.

Sai says he fell asleep without taking his medicine. I came to wake him up only. Gangadhar wonders if Mohan is ill. Digambar tells Gangadhar to give medicine to Mohan. Gangadhar nods. Sai tells him that skipping even one dose can make things risky for Mohan. Gangadhar assures him about it. Sai casts a worried glance at the house and then turns to go. Rehem Nazar plays. Sai looks back at the house with a solemn expression. Gangadhar wonders what medicine was Sai speaking about. Is Mohan ill? Digambar says it is nothing. This Fakir is trying to influence your son! This is why Sai is giving him this medicine. Gangadhar says I haven’t heard about it. Digambar reasons that no one will complain against him when everyone is his trap already. It is better to throw the medicines outside. Don’t know what he is feeding Mohan! Foolish people consider such people their Guru because of this only.

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