Mere Sai 25th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (25/11/2020)


Mere Sai 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Mere Sai 25 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Mohan Argues With Digambar For Sai

Air Date: 25 November 2020

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 25/11/2020 Episode Start with  Gargi prays to Mahadev to show her a way. Tell us the whereabouts about a great guy who can save my husband. She hears Gangadhar speaking to Digambar.Gangadhar tells Digambar that he should have let him know what he wanted. I would have brought it for you. Digambar boasts that he has the water from 7 rivers. I need to make ash using it. Gangadhar says you have the power to get all those resources. Digambar tells him to give 5 gold coins to do the ritual. Gangadhar nods. Hope things will be better for us then.

Digambar scares him yet again. You will become an insect in your next birth for doubting your Guru. Gangadhar apologizes to him. Digambar says I have done everything for you till date. He leaves to bring more ingredients from the market. Gargi asks Gangadhar about Digambar. Gangadhar says with his help, we don’t even realise if there was some obstacle coming our way. He takes care of us like his own. She asks him if he can help them too. Gangadhar agrees.

Gangadhar and Savitri give Digambar everything that he had asked for. Digambar thinks to do his work before Mohan returns and creates a hindrance for him again. He buries the gold coins, the lemon and chillies made of gold in the background. He sprinkles the special water on them as well (as part of his ritual). Your shield is ready. I must go to meditate now. Gangadhar and Savitri pay their respects to him.

Purna notices Sai and asks Mohan to come with her. I will introduce you to Sai. Mohan says karma reflect the true nature of a person. Introductions would make him cautious. Purna suggests following Sai. They reach outskirts. Mohan wonders where Sai is headed to at this hour. Sai finds a guy sitting under the shade of tree and yearning for water. Sai asks the guy what happened to him. The guy shares that he has fever since 2 days. Mohan, Purna and those 2 guys who were following them look on from far. Sai says you seem to be from a good family. He explains his situation to Sai. I haven’t eaten anything since last night. I was working in the fields since morning when I passed out because of the heat. I cannot walk any more. I am thirsty but there is no water here. I don’t even have the strength to go anywhere. Looks like my last time has come. Maybe this is a sign for that. He murmurs for water again. Purna says I might bring water from a nearby place. Mohan offers to go instead. Sai assures the guy he will get water. You will be fine. Purna tells Mohan to stay here and watch how Sai will fulfil his promise to the guy.

One of the 2 guys informs Digambar that Purna took Mohan with her. They followed Sai to the outskirts. Digambar says Mohan said that he does not believe in me yet he went after a Fakir. I don’t think this is a good thing. I will see it for myself.  Sai begins tapping on the tree where the guy is sitting. He tears a piece of tree’s bark and digs a hole using his tong. Rehem Naza plays. He places a leaf in the hole and keeps his bowl underneath. Water springs from the hole leaving everyone amazed. Sai smiles at the guy. Purna and Mohan are equally happy to witness this miracle.

Sai feeds water to the guy. Om Sai plays. The guy folds his hands with gratitude. I don’t know who you are but you are no less than God for me. You saved me today. I want to give you something. Your bowl is old. I want to gift you a silver bowl. Sai smiles. I will get the same amount of alms in that one too. The material does not matter. Answer my one question if you want to give me something. Does a mother feel pain when her kids are in pain? The guy nods. Sai says God is our mother as well. He would never want his devotee to pray to Him by staying hungry. This body is also a gift from God. Take good care of it. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

What would have happened to your family if something had happened to you? The guy agrees to take care. You could bring water from a tree. Can you not do a miracle and fill my well with water? Sai says this is God’s miracle. You can find water in a tree by knowing which tree might contain more water. You might have dug well at a place where water level is low. Dig a little more and you might get water. The guy thanks Sai and leaves.

Mohan is amazed that Sai dint take anything from the guy for helping him. He cleared his superstition as well. He dint scare him at all. I want to meet him now. Purna introduces Mohan to Sai. Mohan touches his feet. Sai says dedication can only survive where there is no doubt. Mohan says you could understand what I was thinking. Sai says faith has to be complete and away from any doubt. I am glad that you trusted your patience instead of someone else’s belief. He notices sweat trickling on Mohan’s face. Can you come to Dwarkamai with me? I have to give something to you. Mohan nods. Mohan and Purna go to Dwarkamai with Sai. Digambar’s disciple starts following them.

Digambar and his other disciple confront Sai, Mohan and Purna. Digambar claps. You disrespected me and came to him? You could have bowed down to me if you wanted to. Why did you bow down to a Fakir? What happened to your thinking, your ideals and your logics now? I don’t know why you despise me so much. This Fakir is also like me. He notices Sai’s tattered clothes and bare feet. He is a beggar. He cannot be compared to me. Purna says I agree with your last statement. You and my Sai are world apart. She relates what she had witnessed at Gangadhar’s house. You create fear in the minds of people whereas Sai serves people. He makes their fear go away and guides them to the right path.

Digambar tells her to be quiet. I will curse you otherwise! Mohan tells him to be quiet. You have insulted Purna a thome already. It is time for you to be quiet. You and Sai are not at all same. You are a cheater whereas Sai is a Bairagi! Don’t compare yourself to him! Digambar asks him why he insulted him for this girl. Mohan rues that he dint do it earlier or he wouldn’t have been able to fool his parents. Sai tells him that anger is one’s biggest enemy. Mohan says I have seen my parents spend their money on him and his demands. Digambar tries to scare him by speaking of sins and virtues. Sai says people who do good deeds without caring about the outcome need not fear anyone. Sadly, those who do bad deeds, forget to be afraid of God yet tell others to be afraid of God!

Digambar tells Sai that his disciples are afraid of his greatness. You lack all that. Sai says people often say that when they try to threaten others. My heart is with Ram ji. He is in everything. Why do you see evil everywhere when there is good everywhere? Digambar says this proves that you do not have the strength to remove any such evil. No evil can cast a shadow on my disciples when I am with them. Mohan asks him to leave. I am not afraid of you. I can give you a fitting answer myself. Digambar says you will answer your parents and leave.

Sai stops him from going after Digambar. Time is previous right now. You must come with me. Mohan says I cannot be calm. He has been threatening my parents since years! He feels dizzy and passes out just when they reach Dwarkamai. Purna holds him. Sai tells her to make sure he does not lie down on the floor. Sai brings water and something for him. He looks up at the sky and then makes Mohan swallow it. Mohan feels calm in a few seconds. He looks at Sai in surprise. Why did you feed me? I feel good in a second. Sai shares that this medicine has a mixture or udi and some herbs.

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