Mere Sai 24th July 2021 Episode Written Update (24/07/2021)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Mere Sai 24th July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Krishna’s Alliance

Air Date: 24th July 2021

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 24/07/2021 Episode Start with Aaji recommends thali/plate between a rangoli would look great. Ashok’s mom says she is correct and requests that Jaya draw rangoli around thali. Jaya apprehensively sprinkles blossoms around thali and places some in thali. Ashok’s mom lifts her thali and cautions her to dare not ruin her thali. Vaishnavi apprehensively says Jaya is worn out, so she can’t draw rangoli. Aaji then, at that point requests that Krishna draw rangoli. Krishna does. Ashok’s mom understands that Krishna drew yard rangoli and Vaishnavi lied. Vidyadhar requests that Jaya serve food to visitors now. Jaya gets apprehensive.

Vaishnavi discloses to Vidyadhar that Jaya doesn’t know to serve food. Jaya serves food in an off-base arrangement. Ashok’s mom sits stunned seeing that while Vaishnavi stands anxiously. She stops Jaya, chides her, and says Ashok won’t have food thusly. Ashok says its OK. Mother stops him and asks Jaya should she encourage her to serve food. Aaji stops her and requests that Krishna serve food. Vashnavi apprehensively says Jaya is drained, else she knows it all. Krishna serves food appropriately. Ashok’s mom understands that Krishna accomplished practically everything and why Vaishnavi lied.

She adulates Krishna saying this is called Marathi thali and says however she isn’t showing her face, she is gifted. Vaishnavi hollers that she isn’t showing face as it is appalling and has revolting injuries everywhere all over, so she didn’t need visitors to ruin their state of mind by seeing her face. Aaji figures she can’t let Krishna offended any longer and quietly pulling her pallu boisterously says her pallu dropped. Vaishnavi and Vidyadhar get more apprehensive while Ashok’s mom commends Krishna’s excellence without cosmetics.

After lunch, Vidyadhar proposes Jaya’s marriage with Ashok. Ashok’s mom says she previously acknowledged when Vaishnavi was commending Jaya superfluously, numerous guardians do same, yet she didn’t care for Jaya. Vaishnavi blows up and yells how might she affront Jaya. Vidyadhar stops her and solicitations Ashok not to ruin their expert relationship along these lines. Ashok’s mom says it will influence, however then proposes Krishna’s wedding with Ashok. Vaishnavi shouts, however Vidyadhar acknowledges proposition and says it is his honor to be related with Ashok’s family.

Vaishnavi approaches him and shouts, however he says this union will reinforce his expert vocation. Aaji salutes Jaya, however Jaya says she can’t acknowledge this proposition as it came for her sister Jaya. Aaji persuades her and says Ashok is wonderful matc h for her and she will be content with him, god gave her satisfaction for entire life. Krishna thinks back Sai’s words and cheerfully embraces Aaji. Tatya’s significant other Rambha illuminates Sai that her child Baaji is tragic as she isn’t taking him to her maama/uncle’s home this late spring occasion. Sai requests that she send a letter to her sibling and call him here all things being equal.

Rambha says its a smart thought. Sai then, at that point says an individual expects excessively and crashes and burns later. Tatya says he is correct. After at some point, Govinda brings a plant and reveals to Sai he will plant it outside Dwarkamayi, it will give lovely blossoms and organic products. Sai says this is dhatoora plant and it is toxic and risky. Govinda says he didn’t have the foggiest idea. Sai says he ought to be ready as we ordinarily see outside excellence not thinking about inward toxic substance, god should give great inner voice to everybody.

Vidyadhar discloses to Ashok’s mom that he will play out Krishna’s wedding luxuriously, yet Vaishnavi stops him and says she will give just shagun coconut and that’s it, in the event that she had picked Jaya, she would have bunches of blessings.

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