Mere Sai 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, Sony TV “Mere Sai 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TMere Sai

Episode Name: Appa Patil realises how by mistake he is part of Shishupal’s pain

Mere Sai Air Date: Mere Sai 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Sai asks Madhur does he know for what reason Shishupal is irate. Madhur says OK. Sai says the initial step is continuously tolerating the error thus let me know what precisely occurred.

( Madhur as TC considers cash he accepted hush money and says I will involve it for my little girl’s future. Shishupal stroll in and says I have affirmed ticket however another person has sat down if it’s not too much trouble, come and sort it. Madhur checks his ticket and thinks, God I have offered his pass to another person.
Madhur tells Shishupal his ticket isn’t affirmed, and says there is some error your name isn’t in the rundown. Shishupal says I saw him writing in the rundown, my ticket is affirmed and its vital I need to go. Madhur says I can’t help, travel by broad train. Shishupal its hard to get in, my better half is sick, she is dying, I need to go. Madhur reprimands him and says don’t burn through my time if it’s not too much trouble, leave.
Shishupal continues to demand that he needs to see list. Madhur shares with him, leave or, more than likely I will call the police. Shishupal says this implies you have accepted hush money for that seat, my ticket is affirmed. Madhur and Shishupal get in contention. Shishupal curses him and leaves).

Sai tells Madhur, Shishupal couldn’t board the train that day, he was unable to find train for next 2 days and following 2 days he arrived at home yet it was past the point of no return, he had lost his better half and his child was so vexed on the grounds that Shishupal didn’t come soon, he left with his significant other and child and from that point forward Shishupal is distant from everyone else.
Sai shares with Madhur, your one error has cost Shishupal a great deal and your karma is disturbing you now.

Patil strained. Shishupal arrives at home and sees Patil stressed and asks whats wrong, I have seen subsequent to seeing Madhur you are exceptionally strained, did he do something wrong to you. Patil says no and asks when did this occurrence occur and what station. Shishupal says I can always remember that day, Ahmedabad station, 9 September. Patil says I need to go meet Sai and leaves. Baizmaa sees Patil leave in rush.

Sai making earth toys. Patil strolls in. Patil in tears sit before Sai and says I have done a gigantic slip-up. Baizmaa asks what botch. Patil says Sai, presently I know why you requested that Shishupal stay with me currently let me know how might I fix my slip-up. Sai says today when I was getting medication from wilderness and accidentally this sculpture tumbled from my hand thus I brought it here so I can fix it hold it back without the model seeing it, will be it right
Patil says no. Sai says so presently when you know your mix-up, would it be advisable for you not face and apologize, and its upto the victim to pardon you or not thus will be the effect of revile.

Baizmaa shares with Patil, don’t be terrified of tolerating your misstep, come clean with Shishupal. Sai says truth is like medication, it might taste bityer however fixes you.

Shishupal thinks about Madhur’s past way of behaving and blows up. Baji strolls to him and asks can assist him with eliminating toys from cabinet. Shishupal says alright and goes to help Baji. Close to the crate, Shishuoal sees the storage compartment, its the very trunk that the individual who sat down had. Baji expresses gratitude toward Shishupal for aiding him. Shishupal asks Baji who owns that trunk. Baji says its Patil Ajooba’s and leaves.
Shishupal figures Patil can’t do this to him, he opens the storage compartment to search for the book that was on the storage compartment. Patil strolls to him and shows him the book and says you are correct, I had purchased ticket from Madhur, Tatya was in Pune and had fallen truly wiped out, I was in Nagar and needed to go Pune earnestly. I asked TC for help, Madhur was TC .
( Patil tells Madhur his child is unwell and necessities to go desperately. Madhur says I have saved official seat and no official is voyaging, I can give you yet it will cost twofold and he can’t get receipt in light of the fact that these seat receipts are made in Mumbai. Patil becomes dubious about the seat is paid off however Madhur flatters him thus Patil due to desperation gets it).

Patil tells Shishupal he didn’t do it deliberately, he was ignorant that the seat was paid off. Shishupal yells you are lying.

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