Mere Sai 20th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (20/11/2019)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Mere Sai 20 November 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ganpath’s Singing With Healing Power

Air Date: 20 November 2019

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 20/11/2019 Episode Start with Ganpath goes to Kulkarni’s home to take record book and says he came to accept total record as his hireling gave just half edge, so he ought to send it by means of worker later. Kulkarni concurs. Santa Clause indignantly says he will crush hawaldar. Kulkarni cautions him not to think about that as Ganpath is appointee gatherer Chandorkar’s unique helper, so he will design something to rebuff Ganpath.Daya strolls to Dwarkamayi. Sai welcomes her and says he was sitting tight for her. She asks Sai how he knows her, she never met him. Sai says we as a whole have met at some point back. Daya inquires as to whether he knows so a lot of then he knows why she came here. Sai says her significant other is a decent artist. Daya says she needs her better half to be recognized as police officer and not vocalist as singing profession won’t get him cash to run the house, yet police occupation will and he can serve individuals with it, individuals in any event, carry their issues to her as she is a police officer’s significant other. Sai asks what she needs him to do.

She requests that he reveal to her better half not to sing again and she realizes he will tune in to Sai. Sai requests that her get curd from Ranoji’s home. Daya concurs and leaves. Sai grins.Daya arrives at Ranoji’s home and obtains curd for Sai baba. Ganpath likewise arrives at home and figures he will compose a tune till Santa conveys record. Ranoji comes to Ganpath and solicitations him to go along as his neighbor siblings are battling with one another in regards to money related issue. Ganapth says he would have taken Sai baba’s assistance. Ranoji says since its a legitimate issue, he thought of taking Ganpath’s assistance. Ganpath goes with him. Ranoji’s neighbor siblings battle with one another asserting each other for taking cash from family storage. Father arrives at house and seeing them battling races to them, however slips and fall child a stone and harms his brow. Children hurry to him and look for help. Ganpath requests that somebody call Sai baba. Daya likewise comes to there. Ganpath seeing elderly person in serious agony thinks back Sai telling he ought to do whatever he discovers harmony in. He begins singing and elderly person overlooks his torment. Sai comes to there and asks how is he. Man says he overlooked agony when hawaldar saheb was singing. Sai requests that somebody get curd. Daya hands over curd to somebody and leaves for home.

Sai grins and asks siblings for what good reason they were battling. Siblings claim each other of taking cash from safe. Father says he accepting cash as they travel a great deal without shoes, so he purchased shoes for them from city. Children apologize father. Sai inquires as to whether even any of them had taken cash, is cash so significant than fraternity. They apologize again and guarantee to never battle.Ganpath comes all the way back considering finishing Ishwar stuti when a man demands him to help discover his bovine’s calf. Ganpath encourages him and comes all the way back. Numerous individuals come looking for help till night. Around evening time, Ganpath strolls to Daya and apologizes her for disillusioning her and vows to never sing again. Emotinal Daya apologizes for offending him and licenses him to sing.

Precap: Ganpath’s relative purchase vegetables from advertise and doesn’t pay flaunting he is Ganpath’s cobrother. Kulkarni sees it.



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