Mere Sai 15th September 2022 Episode Written Update (15/9/2022)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Colors 15 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sai Convinces Bhagyashree To Return To Her Mother

Mere Sai Air Date: Mere Sai 15th September 2022

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 15/9/2022 Episode Start with Satyeshwar says Bhagyashree Sai doesn’t have a goal yet I have and here is your most memorable month pay, give it to your mom and all will be fine. Bhagyashree strolls to Sai and says Sai you are correct, I was occupied my mom generally dealt with me, individuals continued to blame my mom in light of the fact that for me however she never left me and on account of one little error I planned to leave her. Satyeshwar says wedding an elderly person is a colossal error its a wrongdoing and in the event that Sai is correct you would have found your match at this point you know society’s thought process. Bhagyashree says my mom knows my value and I couldn’t care less about the general public. Satyeshwar says however this cash would help your mom. Bhagyashree says my adoration will assist her and not this cash, we should with going Sai.

Sai strolls to Satyeshwar and others and say all of you can accompany me. Malhar and Ankur say we are cheerful here. Satyeshwar says you have your response. Sai expresses even in the wake of realizing your family is hanging tight for you, all of you are blissful.
Satyeshwar says Sai you are attempting to incite my Prem Sena individuals and assuming Bhagyashree would have been essential for our Sena in the event that she could never disappear. Sai says in the event that Prem Sena is free than are they given opportunity to live joyfully and meet and investigate various choices. Satyeshwar says nobody needs to leave this spot its brimming with satisfaction. Prem Sena individuals say we would rather not leave. Sai says assuming that somebody thinks they are caught and needs my assist with doing call me and I will show up for them regardless of whether somebody attempts to stop me and calls Satyeshwar Vinayak Shirke.
Satyeshwar in shock.

Balvant tells Kulkarni he got delicate papers for new request. Kulkarni asks whats the matter call the authorities we will intrigue them. Balvant says they are rich individuals and take part of time we need to discover another way. Banta proposes conversing with Satyeshwar he has contacts. Balvant informs Kulkarni concerning Bhagyashree’s occurrence. Kulkarni says he has a good thought to trap Satyeshwar, he has seen as Satyeshwar’s past. Balvant peruses the record and says wow this is astounding. Kulkarni says now he will move on our order.

Baizmaa with families in Dwarka Mai and says keep confidence Sai will fix everything. Bhagyashree strolls in with Sai, her mom hurries to her and embraces her and conciliatory sentiments to her. Bhagyashree says I’m sorry I misconstrued and expressions of remorse. Bhagyashree and her mom expresses gratitude toward Sai. Sai takes a gander at Champa and requests that she get a bedsheet and keeps on soil and expresses now there isn’t soil, Baizmaa expresses yet there is as yet soil. Sai advices Bhagyashree’s mom to have persistence and keep confidence. Bhagyashree’s mom says I grasped my slip-up and won’t rush. Bhagyashree says even I will endeavor to get my mom’s future. Sai tells others their families didn’t return.

Satyeshwar concealing arrives at Dwarka Mai, Sai conversing with Keval, Keval says he joined factory yet his heart is caught in engineering, Sai says your tjis exertion will be exceptionally gainful trust me. Keval says thanks to Sai and leaves.
Satyeshwar gradually strolls in, Sai thinking wakes up and pushes Satyeshwar and lighting happens where he was standing. Satyeshwar asks how do you have any idea this. Sai expresses welcome to Dwarka Mai come in, will you have sherbat. Satyeshwar says answer me how would you know my name, and I’m not doing anything wrong, Sai says why be frightened. Satyeshwar says I’m not terrified. Sai says why are you here.

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