Mere Sai 12th Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (12/12/2019)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Mere Sai 12 December 2019
Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sai Helps Mathura Tai

Air Date: 12 December 2019

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 12/12/2019 Episode Start with Mahadev asks Sai when will he see god. Sai requests that he have tolerance. Mahadev state he told that he will show god today. Sai says the day has quite recently begun and gets occupied in his tasks. Mahadev says since he came here, he sees that Sai helps everybody quickly except for what reason is he setting aside such a great amount of effort to support him. Sai says ought to likewise be prepared to rise before him. Mahadev says he is a major researcher who has byhearted Geeta and Ramayan and other sacred writings and supplicates in each sanctuary he goes through.

An old woman Mathura tai asks on Shirdi boulevards, yet no one encourages her. Mathura tai strolls to Santa and asks saying Sai will support him. Santa Clause shouts to proceed onward and attempt to secure position. Mathura tai inquires as to whether he will give her activity. Santa Clause hollers in the event that she doesn’t have anybody at home. Mathura tai says she has a grandson Ashu who additionally works, however he is sick; on the off chance that he causes her, Sai will support her. Mathura tai sees Sai and requests to support her. Sai inquires as to whether her grandson didn’t get well with his oodhi. Woman says Ashu didn’t have confidence in oodhi, so didn’t devour it; without cash, she can’t purchase nourishment by any means. Sai drops stones in her asking bowl. She leaves cheerfully saying Sai’s blessing is constantly gainful. Mahadev asks Sai for what valid reason he offer stones to old woman. Sai says every’s individual’s point of view is extraordinary.

Mahtura tai comes all the way back and demands her weak grandson to have Sai’s oodhi and recover. Ashu says it is simply superstition, however he needs to get well for her. Mathura tai shows him Sai’s talented stones. Ashu indignantly discards them saying Sai offended her as opposed to making a difference. Mathura tai sees stones transforming into silver coins and demonstrates them to Ashu. Ashu apologizes for his slip-up and expresses gratitude toward Sai for his assistance. Mathura tai feeds him oodhi, and he gets well expending it, at that point expresses gratitude toward Sai.

Kanoji has breakfast speedily and advises his mom that his supervisor has called him right on time to fix windows. Mother asks is month to month pay, he says 7 rs. She says house lease itself is 10 rs and by and large costs are around 30 rs, faults Susheela for their concern. Susheela inquires as to whether she should work to help them. Kanoji irately wastes her and cautions to not cross her farthest point. Sai seeing that reveals to Kapila dairy animals the time has come to go.

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