Mere Sai 10th Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (10/12/2019)

Mere Sai Written Updates

Mere Sai 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Mere Sai 10 December 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sai To Help Susheela?

Air Date: 10 December 2019

Full Written Update: Mere Sai 10/12/2019 Episode Start with Susheela cries holding god’s deity and appeals to help her as she can’t endure hunger. Sai watches Susheela’s difficulty in moon and says soon her issues will be illuminated. A man watching Sai concealing thinks Sai nourished entire nourishment to dairy animals with the exception of 1 grain, and on the off chance that he is truly divine, he would have organized more nourishment for him. He sees snake creeping towards Sai and picks stick to murder it figuring it might chomp Sai. Sai welcomes snake Veerbhadra and says he was hanging tight for him and has kept milk for him. Veerbhadra drinks milk and stands behind Sai demonstrating h is multimouthed structure. Man understands that Sai baba is divine man and will satisfy every one of his solicitations for which he is meandering since long.

Kulkarni rebuffs Santa and makes him remain on his head. Santa Clause argues to discharge him as he can’t manage his weight on his head. Kulkarni says he requested him to discover a few works, yet he didn’t discover any yet. Santa Clause says no one needs t work for him. Kulkarni requests to be his responsibility entire night. Santa Clause cries that he is stuck here.

Next morning, Sai goes asking and man tails him. Sai seeing him grins and says he is tailing him since yesterday and left Dwarkamayi without talking, what issue he has, tending to him as Mahadev. Mahadev says he knows it all. Sai says he has numerous issues, where one he needs his assistance. Mahadev says he needs to see god, not in sanctuary, masjid, or church; when god has given his life and everything on the planet, he needs to see god. Sai says god made them all, at that point how might he give him god, yet that doesn’t mean he can’t watch god. Mahadev asks how. Sai says god can be seen by means of commitment, truth, and confidence; he can see god simply after he accomplishes those characteristics. Mahadev says he is prepared and will do whatever he needs to see god, Sai should assist him with seeing god.

Kanoji strolls on road tragically after he can’t land position. He sees Santa compelling works and Ranoji to lift enormous wooden log. They come up short and Santa flaunts that h can lift it effectively. Ranoji requests to do it at that point. Santa Clause says he is wearing great garments, so he can’t. Ranoji requests that he put on something else and lift log at that point. Kanoji strolls to him and says he can help. With his strategy, he assists works with lifting log effectively. Ranoji acclaims Kanoji’s strategy. Santa Clause thinks back Kulkarni’s words and takes him to Kulkarni.

Baizamaa brings nourishment for Sai and feeds him cautioning not to leave it like the previous evening. Sai sincerely completes nourishment. Baizamaa illuminates today is asthami pooja. Sai gives her kumkum to apply it on women after pooja and not leave a solitary suhagan woman. Baizamaa thinks Sai is strained with respect to some suhagan lady, else he wouldn’t have been strained. She takes kumkum and leaves. Sai glancing in sky says Allah malik.

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