Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (4/3/2020)

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Updates

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Amber Makes Cookies For Guneet

Air Date: 4 March 2020

Full Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4/3/2020 Episode Start with

Guneet disclosing to Pammi that whatever she did is correct. Pammi asks who got profited by this fact, neither you nor Anurag. Guneet says it is waste to talk. She gets some information about her treats. Pammi says I don’t have a clue. Guneet inquires as to whether it wrapped up? Pammi says do you reveal to me everything, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about that you needed to break the roka. Guneet calls Kirana shop fellow and requests that he send milkway chocolate treats.

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The retailer says it will come following 3 days and inquires as to whether he will send some other brand. Guneet says she simply need milkway brand just and plunks down. Golden hears her and descends. Dr. Pandey prods him and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is grinning? Golden tells that the house has become energetic again and tells that old woman talks are acceptable. Pandey prods him and gets some information about Guneet. Golden grins and says Guneet is there due to her mum. They giggle. He says she despises him, thinks what to do. Dr. Pandey requests that he accomplish something with the goal that she was unable to kill her face him.

Randeep and Nia appreciate the bicycle ride. Tune plays… .zara dum lena… ..Dr. Pandey says we will think something, make squeezed apple first, drink it and afterward think. Golden requests that he hold the apples down and says he will make treats. Dr. Pandey inquires as to why? Golden says he will make chocolate treats. He look on web about chocolate treats. Dr. Pandey checks the fixings. Golden says he need more flour/maida at home. Dr. Pandey says we will bring the fixings and afterward make. Golden says till then she will get treats from other shop, he will make it before she gets it. Golden asks Dr. Pandey to cut the chocolates and make it as chip. Dr. Pandey inquires as to whether she eats eggs. Golden says yes and tells that she had it infront of him. Golden makes treats and keeps it in the broiler. Dr. Pandey says he needs to go to his medical clinic. Golden requests that he pause. Dr. Pandey requests that he make Guneet taste it first. They leave. Shanti and Ghanshyam get back home.

Shanti sees the kitchen failed and is leaving quietly with Ghanshyam. Golden requests that they sit and taste the treats. Ghanshyam tastes it and says it is acceptable. Shanti additionally says the equivalent. Upadhya comes there. Golden makes him taste it and gives him guarantee asking him not to lie. Upadhya says what a taste, on the off chance that you would have asked, at that point I would have brought it. Golden says everybody’s compensations will be cut. He requests that they be situated there and makes treats once more. He keeps it in the broiler and takes it out after 20 mins. He makes them taste once more. They detest the treats. Golden keeps an eye on net again and makes treats once more. He serves treats once more. Ghanshyam and Shanti attempt it again and like it. They state that it resembles it is brought from a decent shop.

Upadhya tastes it. Golden takes the treat from Upadhya’s hand and likes the taste. He adulates himself and tells that they will get 100 Rs additional this time. Kabir comes there and requests Nia. Golden asks do you need something from her. Kabir says he simply need to know whether she is fine. Golden says she is glad and inquires as to whether there is punishment on her bliss. Kabir says I am only her chief and is a dept head, yet the executives is on me. He says I didn’t need Nia to leave work. Golden says I comprehend and requests that he come inside. Kabir comes inside and gets some information about Nia. Golden approaches him to hang tight for at some point. Randeep drops Nia outside her home. Nia says she will go. She expresses gratitude toward him. Randeep says you are welcome. He requests that her tune in.

Golden makes Kabir attempts the treats. Kabir likes it and gets some information about Nia. Golden says Nia went with Randeep for a lunch. Kabir asks when she will come? Golden says don’t have the foggiest idea, they should meander some place. He requests that he help Nia find a new line of work. Kabir says on the off chance that she needs work, at that point why she left the activity. Golden says she won’t inquire. Randeep approaches Nia for an embrace. Nia embraces him. Kabir says there is nothing in my grasp, sorry. Golden says here and there it occurs in our life, that we can’t do anything. Kabir says bye and leaves. He turns out and sees Randeep embracing Nia. He gets weepy eyes and reviews her words. He takes a gander at Nia and Randeep losing all sense of direction in embrace and he leaves from that point in his vehicle. Randeep says I will miss you a ton. Nia requests that he complete the work this time. Randeep says you will be in my psyche consistently. Nia requests that he accomplish work pleasantly and says we need to accomplish something with the goal that we can give uplifting news to one another. She says bye and strolling towards the house. Buddy melody plays…

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