Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9 April 2021 Episode Written Update (09/04/2021)

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Doctor Declares Pallavi Had Abortion

Air Date: 9 April 2021

Full Written Update: Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9/04/2021 Episode Start with Sulochana says Vijay dada Pallavi hasn’t got back to, its half and hour now, she isn’t at shop as well, consistently leaves for shop however never there, Pallavi strolls in and says sorry I was unable to pick call and battery is dead and for what reason are all of you featuring at me, Sulochana says Pallavi you ought to get oscar, subsequent to cutting short Raghav’s kid you are asking whats wrong, Pallavi says what babble are you talking, Sulochana hands her fetus removal receipt and says this isn’t jabber, Pallavi takes a gander at everybody and afterward receipt and says this doesn’t have my name also how might you fault me, Sulochana says if Sharda can fault my girl since she converses with young men, I have part of evidence against you, I concur Amruta has male companions yet she doesn’t act like you, Sharda says you are taking it wrong Sulochana, Sulochana says you have accused my girl today, Amruta swear on me is this yours, Amruta says I swear on you this isnt mine, Sulochana asks Mansi, Mansi says I don’t need such things ti demonstrate I am guiltless, Sulochana says swear on me or you see my dead face, Mansi swears it’s not her, Sulochana says 2 young ladies have demonstrated its not theirs now just Pallavi is left, take a gander at the date this is a similar date you went emergency clinic, Pallavi says yes I went clinic for stomach contamination, Sulochana says you had early termination, Vijay says quit pulling this subject we as a whole realize Pallavi wasn’t all set medical clinic, we constrained her, Sulochana attempts to back answer, Pallavi says I can demonstrate this receipt isnt mine, and goes swear on Sharda. Sharda says Sulochana even my girl has demonstrated, Sulochana says I wont leave this theme here, I am a mother as well, Milind says enough Sulochana, we will call clinic, Sulochana says we will go medical clinic.

Raghav with Farhad, examining about employing a fashioner they see individuals assembled on street and see an elderly person being run via vehicle and individuals making video, Raghav rapidly takes lady to clinic.

Deshmukh’s arrive at medical clinic, Pallavi requests Dr.Kanika, Receptionist says she is OT will educate once back, Sulochana says we will stand by, Sharda says Pallavi we confide in you and here due to Sulochana, Pallavi says I know Aai.

Raghav requests that Farhad discover lady’s family and he will deal with every one of the costs, Farhad discovers data and calls family.

Pallavi is told Dr. Kanika is accessible. Kanika asks what’s going on and for what reason is she here with entire family, Kanika gets a call that she is required for mishap patient earnestly, Pallavi says you go we will stand by, Kanika says its fine Pallavi fetus removal brings intricacies you pause, Pallavi says you are, Kanika says I realize you weren’t tolerating this infant so we went for early termination, Pallavi says you are incorrect you have misjudged I am Pallavi Deshmukh, Sulochana says is this receipt hers, Kanika says yes she cut short, Pallavi says you are misconception something I didn’t, Kanika says I have patients holding up I need to go, all leave.

Pallavi follows Vijay says there is disarray, Vijay says we will talk home and sees Raghav, Sulochana says look child in law is here as well, Raghav sees Deshmukh family, and says this family god get them far from me or I will execute her dad, Farhad says loosen up I will talk and asks all great, you need any assistance, Vijay slaps him says request that your Raghav avoid me and my family, Raghav holds Vijay’s collar and says how could you keep your indignation in your home, Pallavi drives Raghav away and says be in your cutoff points, Raghav says first my home then clinic, Sulochana says wow thisnis intriguing, Raghav says shut up stop your drivel and you elderly person might you venture to play with me or esle your family will exposed outcomes.

Siddesh asks Pallavi what is it, Pallavi says for what reason doctored lie, Pallavi sees Raghav enter Kanika’s lodge and follows, Pallavi sees Raghav giving her cash and saying Thank you, Pallavi thinks Raghav paid specialist to lie and strolls in and says congrats you have tumbled to amazing failure, I would lose as support for you, I thought you care about individuals notoriety, yet since I denied to leave shop you did this to me, you included my family in this, I wont surrender presently do what you need and Dr.Kanika your permit ought to be dropped.

Farhad strolls in and asks whay was she talking, Raghav asks specialist, Kanika says I dont know, Raghav says deal with mishap case and leaves.

Vijay says to Pallavi nobody will trust you and Sulochana will exploit this, I know Dr. was lying, individuals will point at you and in view of you entire family should exposed results from today you will do what I say, avoid Raghav tiny request, Pallavi thinks Raghav I wont leave you.

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