Meet 24th September 2022 Episode Written Update (24/9/2022)


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Meet Air Date: Meet 24th September 2022

Full Written Update: Meet 24/9/2022 Episode Start with Meet telling Meet Ahlawat on the off chance that he is feeling hungry, he can eat food. He says he will not eat here however he advises her to stop the vehicle close to a café. Meet stops the vehicle and he inquires as to why she halted it here.

He additionally requests that she open the bind. She says she realizes he is wanting to take off however that will not occur. He says he needs to go to the washroom. She says he can go on one condition. She attaches his legs with rope and he leaps to go close to the wall to pee.

She whistles and holds the rope end. He gets irritated and advises her to stop. Raj adulates the lovely climate in their homestay. He says he finds a sense of contentment, their choice of going to yatra was right. Babita hangs tight for Meet and it shocks Raj. She trusts that Meet will effectively bring Meet Ahlawat here.

Meet arrives at the objective in early morning by driving. Get Ahlawat wakes together and she liberates him. One dubious man and a lady stroll on the lookout. The lady named Puja gets terrified seeing the police. The man confronts her not to show apprehension directly else they will get found out.

The police haven’t arrived to get them for the time being. The child begins crying from the bin they are holding. He chastens her for not making the child nod off by giving medication. He gives it to the child to stop the commotion and the last option dozes once more. He advises Puja to give him the coupon.

Meet Ahlawat remains with Meet close to them. Meet Ahlawat says he is leaving and Meet can’t stop him. She follows him and their containers got traded with Puja’s bin. Meet solicitations Meet Ahlawat to stop and gives him swear however he says there’s nothing left between them so he won’t stop.

She says at least he can stop for his dad. He will get to invest sufficient energy with him here and might actually get his pardoning. Meet Ahlawat gets Barfi’s undermining call that in the event that he doesn’t return on time, Isha’s life will be demolished. Meet Ahlawat actually attempts to leave disregarding Meet. She asks him what befell him that he isn’t made a fuss over Raj as well. He says she won’t prevent him from leaving. She blows up and strolls alone.

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