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Episode Name: Sarkar finds the truth about pregnency

Meet Air Date: Meet 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Meet 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Manmeet and Meet in market. Meet looks stunned.. Manmeet asks her what occur. Meet says I just recalled my past. Manmeet says I saw you were seeing this blade so considered getting it for you, this is very much like you.
Shagun in market see Manmeet and Get together shopping. Meet ganders at Shagun says your better half is here go meet her.

Sapna, Gunwanti, Mahendra, Narendra and Sundari in room together. Narendra tells Gunwanti entire Sarkarpur will chuckle at us in the event that they get to realize we have a child sibling, recall this news shouldn’t leave Sarkarpur and he leaves. Sundari says this news is strange however could stop Jalebi and Sarkar’s marriage.

Shagun strolls to Manmeet asks what are you doing here in market with Meet. He says she have some work so was assisting Meet and you with knowing you she assisted me with covering my lie of mother’s pregnancy, I think my choice was correct holding hands with her. Shagun feels terrible and leaves.

Manmeet strolls to Shagun says why are feeling terrible don’t stress once all will be well among mother and father, I’ll utilize the video of Meet and Examiner Bhati to eliminate Meet and all will be great between us, he sees a shop and says come we should have some virus milk. Manmeet get’s going with retailer. Shagun shares with herself Manmeet and Meet are drawing near to one another what sorcery she did on him.

Meet shares with everybody today I’m cheerful so made desserts. Manmeet carries Jasodha to normal region. Manmeet says soon Bapu Sarkar will come and say he won’t wed in the future. Sarkar strolls in. Everybody remaining in like manner region. Sarkar take rasgulla in his grasp and shares with Jasodha you love these right. Sarkar takes care of her rasgulla strongly. Jasodha begin hacking and let it out. Sarkar requests that Manmeet stay away and he taps on Jasodha’s back with force. Sarkar says you lied a ton to me and presently made our connection a joke, you got your hands together with Meet and let me know a phony news. Jasodha in shock. Sarkar says I know reality. Meet figures how can he knoq about the news. Sarkar says the amount more you will mislead me.

Shagun conversed with Manmeet in market how Meet requested that specialist make counterfeit report about Jasodha’s pregnency. Imarti standing close by hear what Shagun was share with Manmeet. Sarkar tells Jasodha your primary care physician changed the report since Meet requested that she do. Jasodha in shock and befuddled, she checks Manmeet and Meet out. Jasodha ask to Sarkar. Manmeet says to Meet tell Bapu Sarkar it was my issue mother doesnt know anything. Meet stops him says let him fault me and says I did everything, Jasodha have no clue about this I figured in the wake of hearing this news you will not wed in the future and both of you will hit eachother up. Shagun thinks say thanks to God I’m protected.

Sarkar strolls to Meet out of frustration, he see hot coal in chula set infront of them, he kicks it out of resentment. Manmeet stand infront of Jasodha to save her from consuming coal. Meet puts her hand forward and save Manmeet from getting scorched. Meet harms her hand. Sarkar says briefly I believed that Jasodha is pregnant and I was going to delay this marriage as well however presently you drove me more crazy, he says to Meet you can successfully prevent me from wedding Jalebi, he requests to make game plans for haldi service. Jasodha strolls inside room. Imarti and Jalebi grinning.

Sarkar in his room. Jalebi and Imarti strolls to him. Jalebi give juice to Sarkar. Imarti says she made it uniquely for you. Sarkar looks irate. Imarti says Meet is attempting to act shrewd in light of the fact that Manmeet held hands with her. Sarkar sees her out of frustration.

Manmeet in kitchen contemplating Dadi while pulverizing turmeric for her. Manmeet brings treatment for her says this is better then turmeric for your injury. Meet takes the treatment and battle to apply. Manmeet says give it to me I’ll help you. Meet shares with Manmeet today day will be enlisted ever, you are treating my injury once more. Manmeet closes hsi eyes. Meet asks him for what reason are you eyes shut. Manmeet says I would rather not gain new experiences with you that is the reason my eyes are shut. Meet says assuming your dad becomes more acquainted with that you did everything, he would have broken the relationship with you as well, you said prior you trusted that 24 years will get love from mother and father, and I don’t need anybody ought to be away from their folks.

Imarti tells Sarkar I don’t have the foggiest idea what Meet and Manmeet talk about ordinary together and Manmeet isn’t seen close to Shagun. Sarkar tosses glass at Imarti says my child can’t disregard me or conflict with me, do you comprehend.

Manmeet says to Meet my mother is harmed a ton and in the event that anything happens to her I’m apprehensive I’ll do something to myself. Meet says nothing will happen I’ll cause Sarkar to understand that he is fragmented without Jasodha anything choice he took is out of resentment. Manmeet asks how might you do this. Meet says support me all will be great.
Sarkar goes for Manmeet’s name and stroll inside kitchen with Imarti. Meet conceals inside kitchen. Manmeet asks Sarkar what occur? Sarkar tells Imarti my child misled Meet so he can get payback from her and I can’t completely accept that he held hands with Meet and pay attention to me cautiously don’t you attempt to turn me against my child. Sarkar takes a gander at Manmeet says I’m saying right and embraces him. Sarkar admonishes Imarti and says don’t attempt to take my child’s name once more. Imarti get’s terrified and leave. Sarkar leaves. Meet strolls to Manmeet.

Everybody occupied with haldi service arrengements. A man strolls to Mahendra says all the arrengements are finished by Sarkars wish. Mahendra aggravated yells at him. Sarkar strolls to normal region. Imarti enter the normal region with Jalebi. Specialist im shock subsequent to seeing Jalebi spruced up for function. Jalebi begin shaking subsequent to seeing him. Meet strolls in and see Jalebi’s hand shaking and checking specialist out. Jalebi drops the kalash. Specialist leaves. Meet figures the reason why does Jalebi looks terrified subsequent to seeing that kid.

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