Manmohini 20th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (20/1/2020)


Manmohini 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Zee TV Serial “Manmohini 20 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ananya And Shiv Out In Forest On Full Moon Night

Air Date: 20 January 2020

Full Written Update: Manmohini 20/1/2020 Episode Start with Sunanda endeavors to stop Amar who was angered and breaks the mirror in the room through his grasp hand punch. Amar says he treasures Ananya past all uncertainty, and still Sunanda sent her to Shiv; Ananya has a spot with him specifically and no one will have the alternative to stop him. After Amar had left the room, Sunanda smiles repeating ‘Mohini ki Maya… Koi Nahi Bach Paya’. Late around night time, Sunanda was setting up her tantric blend.

Mishra saw through the window. Kamal gets back. Sunanda prepares the hot trancelike blend and figures she should offer this to Kamal at any cost. She goes to the room, wipes Kamal’s sweat from his forehead and requesting him to wear the drink she orchestrated him. Mishra ji who stayed behind the gateway deliberately pushes the passage, and the glass sneaks off Kamal’s hand. Sunanda was incensed. Mishra ji apologizes and leaves. Sunanda figures she can’t do anything right now, she needs to prepare for the night as it’s the underlying advance of her objective. Tomorrow, she will tackle Kamal’s drug before long.

Late around night time, Sunanda had set up the tantric corner. She giggles that its Puranmasi night. Shiv had as of late get back. He gets a call from Ananya who called him for help to the boondocks. Shiv hustles to the forested areas. Sunanda says today, Shiv will change into wicked before long. In addition, in his aggravation, he would either kill his love, or his kin. Shiv follows Ananya’s voice for help and runs there. He lands at a spot where Ananya had set up a wistful stage for them. Shiv cries he was stressed thusly.

Ananya encompasses his neck and apologizes. She didn’t intend to put him in a troublesome circumstance, anyway since Amar got back home Shiv doesn’t offer time to her. She expected to take him at a distant place and contribute some single vitality with him. Shiv apologizes, as she was incredibly amped up for Amar. She answers one ought to never apologize for contributing vitality with family. She drives Shiv to the table where dinner had been served. She endeavors to attract Shiv, who finally passes on her in his arms to a swing. They experience some agreeable minutes inside the tent camp.

Mohini held two puppets, scouring red sindoor over them. She puts them under direct night sparkle, and says passing is made for any out of them under this nightfall. The reprobate will execute at any rate one of them. Shiv felt cold in the outside tent. Ananya covers them under a single shawl, setting her head behind him. Amar watches this from behind the tent. He surveys Sunanda had taken him by and by into her room. Sunanda uncovered to Amar that its full moon night, Shiv will be overpowered by his naughty powers. He will attack Ananya and Amar can save Ananya. He should rest ensure the Rudraksh isn’t there in Shiv’s neck. Amar procured the Rudraksh by setting a deterrent in Shiv’s way over him he slipped. He snaps an image of the Rudraksh and sends the snap to Mohini.

Shiv identifies the full moon. His smile dissipates immediately. He uncovers to Ananya its full moon night. Ananya reveals to Shiv they need to overcome their sentiments of anxiety now. He ought to discard this idea he can hurt her. She needs to hold his hand for lifetime and marry him. Shiv thinks about all that he would ever need. He was at once cumbersome and denies wedding her. Ananya wasn’t set up to hear a no. They will marry each other when Dai Maa is here. Shiv walks around, disturbed.

Ananya says she venerates Shiv, doesn’t he love her and wish for her kinship. She gets his neck area yet he discards the hold and pushes forward. Ananya questions why Shiv is falling so slight. Their kinship is irksome, their association isn’t customary; yet it’s unquestionably achievable. Shiv answers he fears losing her, or hurting her. The thought expels his life that… Ananya wasn’t set up to fathom. Whether or not their relationship is bound for marriage, or their ways are isolated from right away. Shiv minds Ananya he can’t drive her into death well purposefully. Ananya goes to see the lit fire. She thinks Shiv acknowledges he will take her life. Today, she ought to exhibit to him that her passing can get in touch with her from other path also.

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