Makar Sankranti: brother not gifted jaggery, sack of onion to sister, discussion in village


Rewari, Jagran correspondent. Onion prices are not doing anything to the people. An interesting incident involving onion came to the fore in village Dahina. Here a brother has come to his sister by giving onion as a gift to Makar Sankranti. It was the sister of the farmer brother who asked for onion instead of jaggery. Actually, Satpal Singh, a resident of Dahina village, is a farmer and he had grown onions in his half acre.

Onion prices are touching the sky these days. Sulochana, sister of Satpal Singh, whose mother-in-law is in village Bhilwara of Mahendragarh district. He is aware that his brother has cultivated onions. Sulochana called her brother and said that this time on Makar Sankranti, he should be given onion instead of jaggery.

It is necessary to state here that according to tradition, on the holy festival of Makar Sankranti, jaggery and ghee is sent to daughters’ house from the side of Maika. Satyapal also understood the sister’s feelings and took onions and ghee to the sister’s house on Wednesday.


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