Luv Kush October 9 2019 Episode Written Update “Kaikeyi Gets Stunned By Ram’s Reply”


Luv Kush 09/10/2019 Written Episode Update, Luv Kush October 9 2019 Episode “Kaikeyi Gets Stunned By Ram’s Reply” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Kaikeyi Gets Stunned By Ram’s Reply

Episode Air Date : 9 October 2019

The episode begins with Kaikeyi asking Rama what he said, requesting that he avoid family for a long time in exile, he has to live like a customary person, he will have no strength for long in life , He won ‘think about masterminding on nutrition and upcoming issues, and he is stating it so effectively. Smash truly says, I will go, you will get nutrition. She is stunned. She says okay, you leave Ayodhya after the crown festival of Bharata. He said sorry, though I will go before Bharata’s presence, otherwise he will not accept the royal status and my flight, you contacted me just because I do not need your wish to be fulfilled. He gives him nutrition and food grains. Sita puts it outside. Loot opens the entrance and sees him.

Sita says that I did not disobey you today, you can fulfill Kaikeyi’s wish, okay,

This is why he ate nutrition. He gestures. She says, I am in favor of completing your life, you have created a respectable position for Kaikeyi and Bharata. He says, then you become familiar with it. Kaikeyi says that Rama has made his beginning and end so effectively, he has done so for me, he loves his mother very much, he is ready to leave Ayodhya, so that I can leave this Kopabhavan, The incident for which I approached Rama for his life. , He gave his life for Bharata, Manthara, Rama, Rama just kept on hitching, he needed to hold on to the satisfaction of his married life, I have become very pathetic. She starts wearing her adorable.

Manthara says stop Kaikeyi, don’t rush. Kaikeyi asked why. Manthara says that I know such traitors, Dasaratha is not faithful to his commitment except until Ram fulfills his guarantee. Kaikeyi says Ram will remain loyal to his commitment. Manthara says that we have no clue that breaks the guarantee, bear it for a day, let Rama be faithful to his obligation, you will have to do anything after Rama leaves, you are in Ayodhya. Will be the mother-in-law. Sita says you have saved our family from breaking up, it is usually a demon. Smash truly says, I am glad to hear you, I was wondering what you might think, I am fortunate to have a partner like you. She says that I will never question your choice. He thinks how to tell you about the total issue. She asks if you said anything, come we will give news of upliftment to Dasaratha.

Ravana climbs some snowy mountains. The snow moves down. He is left. He says that I will not stop meeting you, give me your darshan Mahadev. He approaches her. Mahadev and Parvati are seen. Ravana comes there and welcomes Mahadev. Mahadev bowed to him. Ravana says that my pride broke, I could not lift the bow, for what reason you did this to me, tell me, Rama can lift it. Mahadev says that you have accepted that there was a bizarre incident, which realizes this sign, something important is going to happen, just leave the spirit, resentment and terrible features.

Ravana says that I know that this happened as a result of Vishnu, you must have left me on his speech, how can you catch. Mahadev reprimands him. Ravana says that Vishnu has tricked you, do not make me angry by satisfying my wish. Mahadev requests that he think and talk, because his faculties have abandoned him. Ravana says I want nectar from you. Mahadev requests that he reconsider. Ravana says that I realize what I am asking. Mahadev says, I am limited to the directions of the deity, I can give you Amrit Kalash, you can drink Amrit, unless you have Kalash, you will not bite the dust. Grain of Ravana.

Mahadev gives him the urn. Kalash goes inside Ravana’s navel. Ravana says that how will anyone dry this urn, no one can slaughter me in the present, I am intelligent. Mahadev says that the world will remember this Dashami, not because of your nectar, though your passing, it is the beginning of your end. Ravana remains stunned.

Precap: Slam says Bharata will move towards becoming King of Ayodhya, I guarantee Kaikeyi that I will leave Ayodhya and go to exile. Everyone is stunned.


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