Luv Kush 21st Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (21/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Lav And Kush Get Bail

Air Date: 21 February 2020

Full Written Update: Luv Kush 21/2/2020 Episode Start with Dadi asking where is Kartik. Akhilesh says I will take a quick trip and see. Samarth says he will come. Naira goes to the court and reviews the last time hearing. Kairav yells and doesn’t tune in to Gayu. Devyaani and Suwarna implore and cry. Kartik gets back home and asks Gayu for what valid reason did you call me. She says hireling is highly harmed, specialist treated him, Kairav did this. He asks what. She says I was unable to call Naira.

Manish and everybody examine about Jhaveri. Naira and Naksh additionally talk about him. Manish says he didn’t lose any case since 20 years. Naksh says he is a pleasant individual, he didn’t lose ever in 20 years, he is supporting reality. Javeri comes and sits. Naksh says Lav and Kush’s legal advisor looks youthful. Naira says age doesn’t make a difference when he has ability. Javeri converses with the legal advisor. Judge comes and requests that they sit.

Lav and Kush come. Javeri gives the plant to the appointed authority. He says there is a lot of comparability among kids and plants, we develop plants well to get foods grown from the ground, they decontaminate the air, when we bring up youngsters well, at that point they have great qualities and do great to society, I additionally need my customer’s injury to end soon, there are numerous such instances of attack, our general public is getting present day, yet such things occur. Trisha cries. Naira reassures. He says Trisha is living with Goenkas, she charges Lav and Kush for the attack.

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He asks Lav and Kush to take a gander at their faces, they look blameless, they have a place with a decent family, would they be able to do such an awful wrongdoing. Naira stresses. He says I need to reveal to you that we can’t realize anything by face, I demand you not to go on Trisha’s guiltless face, I need to show some verification on the off chance that you license.

He says 79% attack cases were bogus a year ago, in such a case, the young lady has counterfeit accused the rich person only for the cash. Naira says its an untruth, Trisha is truly attacked. He asks did you witness that. She says no, she is stating reality. He asks are Lav and Kush liars. She says indeed, they are liars and you as well, you were going to battle for us and afterward changed side.

He giggles and says Goenkas employed me, where is your legal advisor. She says you were from our side, you said you will battle our case, when I went to your office and saw my ring too. He chuckles and says who might do this, attorney battles for truth and equity, your case has no fact and proof, for what reason will I battle your case, I realize these two young men are honest. Dadi asks what’s going on.

Surekha says Naira is mixed up, Manish enlisted Jhaveri. Naira says its not moral. Jhaveri says you are mixed up. She yells you conned us. Judge requests that her not yell. Naira says sorry, he is double confronted, he is a modest man. Jhaveri says you can’t converse with me like this. Judge says quiet down, else I need to make you out. Naksh says quiet down Naira.

Jhaveri says Goenkas is a decent family, they can turn out to be vulnerable objective for Trisha to win cash, she would have believed that its simple to focus on the young men, the family will prepare to pay cash and game over, she would have not felt that the case will go to the court, its a ridiculous court. The open examiner says we need time to set up our case. Naksh says we were relying upon Jhaveri.

Judge says you are burning through our time. Naira says its not our misstep, Jhaveri focused on us. Jhaveri asks did I take expenses from you, am I your family member, for what reason will I battle your case. She says no. He says if its not composed on paper, its not complete. She says we met you and I disclosed to you that we need you. He says yes.

She says you gave surety that you are battling our case. He says no. She says don’t lie, we contracted you. He asks do you have his NOC. She says you didn’t let me know. Kartik comes and looks on. Naira yells you are a modest man, you deceived us, he has harmed a young lady’s feelings. Judge says court is cautioning you once and for all, else you will be conveyed, the court is dismissed, come next time with arrangements.

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Jhaveri says I demand the court to offer bail to my customers, I will display them in the following hearing. Judge says bail allowed. Lav and Kush grin. They take gifts from Manish and Akhilesh. Surekha embraces Lav and Kush. Jhaveri says well done Manish ji, I did what I told, your youngsters returned home. Naira says you are content with your success, you conned us, aren’t you embarrassed, you offended a young lady in the court.

Jhaveri asks Manish to clarify his bahu. He says I spared your family regard, I spared your Devar’s future. She says stop the dramatization, you talked lofty things in your office, we have seen your actual face. He says you have gone distraught to accuse a Sadhu individual. She says I m not distraught and you aren’t a Sadhu, I will draw out reality, you won’t get wherever to shroud your liar face.

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