#LPGCylinder: call for common man, stop tyranny, government


National Desk (Vasudha Sharma): There is still no outcry in the country over the rising prices of onions, that the government has given one more current to the general public. The increase in the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinder has once again spoiled the kitchen budget. This step taken by the government after the Delhi Assembly elections is pointing to something else. It is believed that the Modi government is now taking revenge for the defeat in Delhi.

Well, we do not know this, but the general public is definitely angry about this decision. While there is a lot of anger on social media, an old photo of Union Minister Smriti Irani is also becoming very viral, in which she is seen performing on the road, including LPG cylinder. Actually, this is a picture of the protest by Smriti on increasing the price of LPG in the UPA period, which people are enjoying very much.


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