Loving love watching TikTok video, boy’s senses flew to see girl in first meeting


Varanasi: When the boy from Varanasi watched the video of a girl’s dance on tick-talk, he became crazy. Video was liked and then other social sites started talking between them. The matter reached to like each other.

The boy was surprised to see the girl,

after this, for some days, the boy did not pick up the girl’s phone and could not answer the message, stating the reason for the mobile malfunction. The girl got frightened by this and reached Varanasi from Mumbai without telling the family members and telephoned the boy to be told at Varanasi railway station. As soon as the boy saw the girl’s tall height on the railway platform, he was shocked.

The boy took the girl to the police station and the

panic increased when the girl told that she had run away from home. After this, the boy did not take the girl to his house after celebrating the girl and brought the police station to Manduwadih and honestly told the police about the case. Police has called the family of the girl and informed her about her being in Manduwadih.


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