Lockdown: Sir! Arrange animal feed as well Gorakhpur News


Gorakhpur, JNN. The cattle ranchers are worried about the animal feed due to the lockdown. Their concern is about straw and fodder. He sees the 21-day lockdown as nothing short of a challenge.

Five lakh cattle in the district

There are about five lakh cattle in the district. In this situation it will not be easy to arrange their feed. Livestock owners say that there should be a system of fodder in the lockdown, otherwise there will be a big problem.

Most cattle ranchers have no arrangement

Most of the livestock owners have no arrangement for fodder. The city has wholesale stockists of straw at more than three dozen locations including Transport Nagar, Phulwaria Mandi, Trimurti Colony. Most of them have finished the straw.

Problem may come

City cattleman Bhanu Pratap Singh says that the straw in Phulwaria Mandi and Trimurti Colony is over. In Transportnagar, the husk is for a few days. They say that straw has been arranged for a few days. If the straw is not arranged further, problems may arise. However, Transport Nagar has been assured that they will get a little bit of straw for cattle. Ajay Kumar, another cattle rancher of the city, says that if there is no quick arrangement on the straw, there may be further problems. Jitendra Prasad, the livestock owner of the forest Ayodhya Prasad, says that there is a problem with the straw, but there is some relief from the green fodder coming from the fields. If there is no further arrangement, there will be a problem.


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