Lockdown Day 5: Vegetable mandis to be built in many places including Ramabai rally venue in Lucknow, relief


Lucknow, JNN. The effect of the lockdown varies from city to village. In cities where people are nervous for the essentials. At the same time, farmers are not getting customers for vegetables and fruits. Actually, customers and farmers are away from each other due to all the problems in the supply chain due to the lockdown. The middlemen are taking advantage of this, who are delivering the vegetables to the people at a higher cost. The administration has taken many steps, but despite this, many farmers are not able to reach the market. Farmers say that the administration should buy a vegetable and fruit in their area by purchasing purchasing centers so that people can get things easily.

Gosaiganj: Vegetables are not able to reach Mandi at the time of lockdown. In such a situation, farmers or vegetable shopkeepers are selling vegetables in the villages. Vegetables like capsicum and tomatoes are being ruined due to lack of sales. Milk sales have also come down. Farmer Devnarayan, a resident of Bachankheda in Gosaiganj, said that about 20 quintal of capsicum wasted in the lockdown. He said that about eight quintals of chillies sent to Mahibullapur on Friday night did not sell six quintals as there were no buyers. Earlier, there was an all time sale in Mandi. The closure of hotels and dhabas has had a major impact on vegetable markets. Sunil of the same village has the same condition. The committee of Mamta Dairy running in the area is closed.

Itounja: There used to be milk market at the Itounja police station intersection, now there is silence. Most of the milkmen here used to sell Lucknow milk. In such a situation, the problem of selling milk to farmers is suffering. There is also a problem of fodder for cattle.

Banthra: Mukesh Kumar Yadav, a resident of Noordi Kheda village in Banthara and Muneshwar Yadav, a milk trader from Kasim Khera, say that they produce around 60 to 70 liters of milk. Mandi is also closed with ceremonies etc. in captivity. Vegetable traders are also facing problems due to the closure of the weekly market.


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