Learn why film actor Irrfan had removed the surname ‘Khan’ from his name


New Delhi, JNN l The film actor Irrfan had given up his surname ‘Khan’ because he wanted him to be known for his work and not from his lineage, or religion. Khan surname is dominated in Bollywood. This also promotes nepotism.

Due to the surname Khan, many artists found work in Bollywood. These include names like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Irfan Khan stood against it. Irfan was a man of different views. In an interview to India Today in 2016, Irrfan said that he left his surname because he wanted him to be recognized by his work and not by his religion or lineage. Whereas Bollywood is dominated by mines.

Talking about removing the ‘Khan’ surname from his name, Irfan said, ‘Whenever I go to my hometown, I still see people discussing what our ancestors have done, that How they did it and they are very proud of it. They do not understand their responsibility. I feel sad I think what is the point of this. ‘

Irfan went on to say, ‘It was a very deliberate decision. At one point of time I understood that we are the one who writes the story of our life of choice. It has nothing to do with my background and lineage. It is my job that will help me move forward. I have written the story of my life myself. Irfan also said, ‘I want to emphasize that I should be known for what I am doing and not for my background or caste or religion. These are my personal things and they should remain till me. It is not for the public. ‘


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